Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meditation for meeting your Goddess

I was reading my latest issue of Sage Woman magazine and I came across this great meditation for meeting the Goddess. You can choose which Goddess you want to meet with. I chose Isis, I've always felt a strong connection with her, but this would be my first time meeting her in meditation.
I am going to share with you here the mediation so you can try it yourself.

On your altar:
It doesnt need to be anything fancy, maybe burn some sandalwood incense, have a small offering to her, burn a white candle or whatever you think will help you feel her presence and also help you to meditate easier. I find that burning incense and a candle always help me to meditate easier.

Once your all set up you could take a small cleansing bath with sea salts to purify, or if you dont have time, just smudge yourself and your area. I always do both, it just helps me get into "ritual mode", but you can do whatever works for you. One way is not better than the other, it's personal.

Get comfortable in front of your altar, breathe in and out slowly a few times and clear your mind. Now starting with your feet and calves, tense your body with each inhaling breath and exhale with your release. Do this all the way up to your throat and head. Feel yourself becoming light and filled with peace.

In your mind envision that you are sitting at the bank of a flowing stream, at the base of a tree in an autumn wood. The leaves are dropping from the tree one by one. As each one gently drifts downward, you notice that there is a word inscribed on each one. Each leaf is a problem you need to let go of in order to enter a mentally quiet and open space. As they fall, they land in the stream and are carried away.

When you feel ready , begin to call on your Goddess of choice. Chant:
(Goddess name, Goddess name) come to me.
(name, name) be with me.
(name,name) show me thee.

Repeat this chant over and over and let it establish a rhythm of its own. Sooner or later you'll begin to see a vision of her as though you were there and looking out through your own eyes. Look around and remember what you see!

During the vision the Goddess may speak with you, or she may simply smile and embrace you with her loving energy. Speak to her, tell her you love her and how much you want her presence in your life. Listen to what she says.

After your encounter is complete, thank her for coming and for her help. Now when you come back to reality make sure you ground yourself. You can do this by eating something, or just turning on a light somewhere in your house (that will definitely awake you from your trance!) . After make sure you write down your whole experience from start to finish so you dont forget.

Continue your relationship with her. The more you do this exercise the easier it will be to "get there". Good luck on your Goddess meditation!

You can find the meditation I just showed you as well as other great Goddess stories and goods in the latest edition of Sage Woman Magazine.


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  2. Thank you for sharing, a nice little meditation that is easy to recall so as not to distract your psyche overly much from being where it should be rather than straying.

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