Thursday, December 30, 2010

Giveaway! Amethyst Pendulum from Green Owl Curiosities

This month at Love of the Goddess, we are having a giveaway for a beautiful Amethyst pendulum! Graciously donated by Cherie over at Green Owl Curiosities. Pendulums are a great tool for divination. Especially getting started in the New Year! I had the chance to speak with Cheri, here's what she had to say:

1. Tell us a little about your business.
Green Owl Curiosities is an online shop run from my home. I manage to make it to a couple of shows a year, but having a full time job on top of running my business makes it difficult to get days off sometimes. I try to keep my Etsy shop as updated as possible with new products and listings. It remains a challenge, being the only person doing everything from choosing supplies, making products, taking pictures, listing items and promoting the wares!

2. How long have you been making jewelry and other pagan crafts
I have been crafting since I was a very little girl! I started making pagan crafts and jewelry about 10 years ago, when I first got in to paganism. It's an ongoing process of learning new skills and making new things!

3. What is your favorite product that you make?
Choosing a favorite product would be like choosing one's favorite child, or most beautiful sunset! Because I can't (and won't!) pick favorites, I end up making a vast array of wonderful treasures! Consider yourselves lucky that I don't have a house big enough to keep everything, and must sell things to make room for more wonders.

4. Can you explain the item your giving away?
The give away item is a lovely amethyst crystal pendulum. Amethyst is a wonderful stone used for meditation and enhancing psychic skills. The pendulum is topped with a carved clear quartz bead. Clear quartz is wonderful for enhancing the energies of any other stones it is paired with, and helps provide one with "clear answers." These stones were paired with purpose to aid and further the user's divination skills.

Ok so the rules are as follows: To enter the giveaway, you must first go to Cheri's Shop, find an item that you like and come back here and comment on it. Please make sure and leave contact info in your post so that I can get in touch with you. The giveaway will last for one week, and at that time I will choose the winner using Good luck to everyone who enters! Thank you to Cherie for donating her beautiful pendulum! Have fun playing!

Blessings )O(


  1. I love the beach glass purple sea bracelet but my affinity right now is for owls and also I am recently working with felt so needless to say I am crazy about the day of the dead owls. I especially love that they are stylized with their personal flower preferences. Thanks for the turn on to an inspiring and darling shop!


    I love Mary's cherries purse! It's hysterical!

  3. Hey I'm new to your blog but as I've been going back and reading it I've been loving it~ I thought I'd enter so I went and took a look at Cheri's shop and wow so many nice things to choose from~ I specifically love the Tigers Eye and Picture Jasper Bracelet with the little Ankh at the end~ I have an Ankh tattooed on my calf and I just love the symbol and Tigers eye is my favorite stone! I think I'll be looking on here for my birthday~
    I don't have any sort of account so I guess my info is:
    Melissa and my email is

  4. I love your blog, and I frequent etsy, but had never seen Cheri's shop. She has some neat stuff! I think my favorite is the "Beaded Autumn-Colored Tree Batik Zipper Pouch." I adore batik, and trees are definitely "my thing." Beautiful work, Cheri! Thanks, Tamara (email: tsfairish at )

  5. I like the Desert Sands - Tigers Eye and Picture Jasper Bracelet :)

    It has a Sekhmet feeling to it. She's not my patroness, but I do work with her. Also as a crazy cat lady, tiger's eye is very special stone to me.


  6. I love the beaded tree zipper pouch...beautiful! :)

  7. I think my favorite are the bunny pouchs..especially the one with the moustache...they are so cute...I would love to see something in ruby as that is my stone..bttrflywmn65@

  8. This goddess really likes the large coffee print tote bag and the matching zipper bag that looks like it fits neatly inside the tote.

    New Year Blessings to All from Goddess Sabrina
    Email me at

  9. I am drawn to .Eye Have a Secret - Obsidian and Hematite Necklace/Bracelet Set. So very creative!

  10. I love the Faerie Ribbon Stars and the Dia De Los Muertos Owl!

  11. I love the Faerie Ribbon Star sets! I've never seen those before. Just beautiful. I will need to pick up a set for my daughter.

  12. i think the kwan yin bracelet and the slice of heaven....some of the best qualiy handmade jewellery i've seen in a while! lovely little collection have shared on facebook :) my email is Bright Blessings! xx

  13. I LOVE the Chakra Colors Faerie Ribbon Stars!!! The colors are so vibrant, I just love looking at them and they are reasonably priced as well. I would want to hang them on my Yule tree, or all over my house!

  14. I love the hamsa eye earrings! so lovely and the magickal "eye" jewelry has been calling me :) they are on pg 3 :
    greenlady at

  15. Peace and Light,

    I enjoy your blog!
    All the best to you in 2011!!!

    Bright Blessings & Stay well,

    Ten Nebula

  16. I love the Blue Lace Agate and Lapis Goddess earrings!


  17. This is SUCH a lovely item! AS soon as I seen it, I felt the precious energy flowing within it. I can feel the magic of it's presence and it's loving guidance. I do hope to win it. :) I can't wait to browse through your other items. :) I KNOW they will all be just as magestic and magickal as this.
    Blessed BEE sisters! )O(

    White Buffalo River Moon
    FB: WhiteBuffy RiverMoon

  18. Good Day To All,
    This women has always amazed me, since the 1st day I meet her years ago.. Her art within is many.. She is strong in all ways of magic in what she makes...Once you own her work an use it for your own Magic...You will understand her work....I myself own many things made, by this womens hands of Magic...I love her pouches the most..They are used for many different kinds of magic..There is so much to choose from..I take pride in the things I ow from her.... Love Ya Navi

  19. I finaly found you. I commented on your facebook site but had a little trouble finding the blog site. I am so glad to be here. Thanks for posting all of this great information about the Goddess.

  20. Nice description provided about pendulum in this blog....
    Clear Quartz Pendulum


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