Friday, November 25, 2011

Giveaway from The Whimsical Pixie!

This month's giveaway comes to us from The Whimsical Pixie. The owner Paula, has donated a gorgeous Pagan ornament for your Yule/Christmas tree! Her ornaments are some of the most beautiful I've seen! I've already purchased one for myself as well. I had the chance to speak with Paula, here's what she had to say:

1. How long have you been crafting magical products?
Its been a little over 3 years since I've started creating magickal ritual items to sell. It all started because I wanted to make my sister a set of runes; did a Google search for tutorials and found a great one using polymer clay. One link led to another revealing the versatility of the clay and this Pixie took flight!

2. Do you have a favorite product that you make?

In as much as I love creating everything in my Etsy shop, I enjoy the Custom Altars the most. Creating these allows me to get to know the buyer in a more intimate manner. They are by far the most personalized item I create as the person selects the ritual tools, color combination and pyrographed designs. They also allow me to utilize different art mediums which gets the creative juices flowing.

3. Please explain the item you are giving away.
The Triple Moon Goddess and Pentagram Ornament was created using millefiori technique, a very old art form also used for glasswork. Translated millefiori literally means a thousand flowers. Polymer clay is used to fabricate “canes” of different designs; the cane can be reduced in size yet the design of the cane remains the same throughout. Thin slices are then taken from the cane and laid individually on an object to create something truly unique and beautiful. All polymer clay canes are made by me. The cap can be removed to allow you to fill the ornaments with herbs, oils or crystal to your specific intent.

Ok so now to enter, go to The Whimsical Pixie, find a product or two that you like, come back here and comment on them. Also be sure to check out The Whimsical Pixie's Facebook Page! The winner will be picked using, and will be announced in one week. Have fun playing and good luck! Thanks to Paula for donating her beautiful ornament!


  1. Ooh how lovely. I liked the kitchen wands, but the Millefiori Eggs on a Mini Potted White Tree are my favourite.

  2. I love the babies first ornaments i think they are absolutely adorable and its so hard to find pagan ornaments for newborns! Also love the fairy doors - so pretty!

  3. All of the items are beautifully crafted. I like the Goddess Yule Card Set and the Pocket Travel Altar. Blessings.

  4. Wow! What a talented Artisan! What's not to like in her shop? I was especially drawn to the Millefiori Pentacle Ornament as well as Child's Blessing Ornament. Her Altars are to die for as is her Witches Cupboard. Her Yule Greeting Cards are great too!

    Thank You Paula for the chance to win one of your beautiful creations! :)

    Blessed Be!

  5. The Millefiori work is gorgeous! I particlulary like the mortar & pestles & the Goddess & God candle set. I love the travel alter idea too.
    Really gorgeous work.

  6. I agree with another poster, what is not to like in the shop? I am thinking about getting some of the yule cards to send out and the corn dollies are something else I will be getting as well. Glad to have found another shop for pagan stuff!!

  7. Really cool stuff on the Etsy shop! My favorites are the kitchen witch kitchen wand (so awesome!) and the lovely fairy portals. Bless!

  8. O MAN! Can I have the whole store?? LOL Ok here's the ones the really caught my eye: Merry Meet Welcome Signs, The witches cupboard (incredible), In Celebration of the Triple Goddess Ornament, All 3 of the Wood alter boxes, Green Man Altar Plaque, and the wood spoons.

    Such wonderful talent!!!!


    This ornament is beautiful. I work with polymer clay too so I can appreciate how hard it is to make canes.. Really impressive..

  10. I adore the Pentacle ornament and can see it hanging on my tree. when i get back from work I am planning on purchasing this! Blessed be! And I love this blog! Just found it and also through you found Whimsical Pixie! Yeah! Angelique Autumn at

  11. I'm the proud owner of and and am incredibly desirous of a travel pocket altar!

    Thank you Paula!!
    EmKatCreations at gmail dot com

  12. Oh my goodness! I Just love the Pocket Altar and the Five Element Ornament set!!!... Your Store Is Awesome!!!!!

  13. I am loving the elemental ornaments. I must have them!!!


    This pocket altar is probably the cutest thing I've seen in a while. As soon as I find out if my aunt is even still "in" to them I'm ordering 1. us both one! or 2. one for meeee!

    Also, the ornaments are awesome, but I don't see if we can order them in specific colors... I'd love to send my aunt a set of the Horned God and Triple Goddess ornaments, but she'd like purple better...

  15. Omigods, everything in her shop is so gorgeous that it's hard to choose only one or two! But I'll take the lovely Triple Moon Goddess and Horned God with Pentacle Ornament Set.

    Good luck, everyone! Crossing my fingers and toes!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  16. My favorites are: "Triple Moon Goddess and Pentacle Millefiori Ornament" and the "
    Triple Moon Goddess and Horned God with Pentacle Ornament Set".


  17. Its the Pixie here ...just about anything can be custom ordered in any color combination!! Just thought I would pass that on

  18. My first visit here. What a beautiful ornament! Beautiful site!
    Blessed Be )O(

  19. Hi... I am really enjoying reading this blog, and discovering new goddesses that I didn't already know about. I recently released a CD entitled The Book of Goddesses (available on Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, etc.). Would it be possible to mail you a copy for possible review? Please be in touch... Rob Paterson


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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