Sunday, January 24, 2010

Candle Magic

Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of magic you can do, and it happens to be my favorite. As with all magic, your intent is the most important thing, but it can help to have some of the right materials. Some of the materials needed for candle magic are mini spell candles, oil of your choice, something to carve into the candle with (a safety pin works fine) and optionally you can add incense, herbs and crystals to add to the power of the spell.

Different candle colors represent different energies as with herbs, oils, crystal etc. Although if you dont have the candle color you need for your spell, a white candle will always do. You can empower a white candle with any intent. I always keep a large supply of white candles just for that reason.

Candle Magic Color Correspondences:
Red: confidence, passion, to energize if feeling weak
Orange: motivation, strength, attraction, encouragement

Yellow: communication, friendship, loneliness

Blue: peace, healing, courage

Lavender: spirituality, meditation, intuition

Green: money, prosperity, luck, fertility

White: protection, peace, can be used to substitute for any other color

Before you use your candles, you need to purify them and empower them with your intent. You can smudge them with sage or use a little rubbing alcohol. Now you need to carve a symbol or a word into your candle that represents your goal. It can be a money sign if your goal is more money it can be a pentagram for protection or simply a word describing what it is you want. Next you need to dress the candle with the oil of your choice. You can buy many different types of oils with many different magical properties, or you can make and empower your own. We wont go into that now, but I will give you some suppliers at the end where you can buy some prepared oils.

Dressing your candle:
After you've purified and carved your candle, now its time to dress your candle. Take some of your oil and put a few drops of oil onto your hands and fingers. Now put your fingers in the middle of the candle and starting from the middle rub up towards the top of the candle a few times. While your doing this you should be thinking about your intent and empowering that candle with your intent. Now you start again at the center of the candle and rub down towards the bottom a few times, again visualizing your intent.

Once you've gone through these steps you are finally ready to use your candle! You can have the candle on your altar with some corresponding crystals and incense, or you can have the elements represented, or you can just have your candle with nothing else. Whatever you feel would make it more personal and comfortable for you.

After your spell, let your candle burn down completely, and then make sure and bury any remaining wax, incense etc outside, to give it back to the earth and set your spell in motion.

For more info on candle magic, check out this great book: Candle Magic for Beginners

To purchase the magically empowered oils for dressing your candles, check out: Isis Books

To purchase your candles, herbs, crystals and incense check out : Sacred Mists

Have fun working with candle magic!

Blessings )O(


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