Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crystal Healing and Magic

Crystals have been used for centuries to heal and to aid with magical workings. There are many things you can do with crystals, from simply placing one next to you while you sleep, to using their magical energies to heal yourself. I'm going to go over some very basic and simple ways to incorporate crystals into your lives.

Start by asking yourself if there are any crystals you are drawn to. If your unsure, go into any local new age shop, and play with their crystal collection. If you dont have any shops like this in your area, then I would look online. You might be drawn to a specific color, or feel of the crystal. Simply pick up the crystals, feel them, notice how they make you feel. Which ever crystal you feel drawn to, purchase that one. Start out with just one, to get used to working with them, and then you are welcome to expand your collection.

Once you've got your chosen crystal, at home, put it under some running water, this will help to cleanse the crystal of any other negative energies it might have picked up from someone else touching it. You want to make sure that you attune your crystal with your energies before doing any magical workings. If you have sage at hand, go ahead and sage your crystal as well. This can also be picked up at any new age store.

You might want to look up the crystal and see what it's magical correspondences are. You might be surprised to find that the crystal you chose, has exactly the energies you needed at that particular time. Our intuition will always lead us to what we need. Once you have cleansed you crystal, now you may start to use it.

You may meditate with it and feel its energies running through you, feel the healing power of the crystal. Or you can do any number of things if you are not comfortable meditating with it yet.

*Carry the crystal in a pouch or wear it as jewelry to infuse your body with its healing energies.
*Sleep with the crystal under your pillow
*Add the crystal to your bath water
*Hold your crystal in your hands and gently breathe in its healing light through your nose. Exhale while visualizing dark light through your mouth

These are just some of the many things you can do with you crystals. Make sure and on every full moon to put your crystals outside in the moonlight to recharge its energies.

For more information about the healing power of crystals, check out this great book called The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals.

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