Monday, January 11, 2010

Book Review: The Path of the Priestess

This excellent book, is a journey of one woman's path to the Goddess. Author Sharron Rose, at the start of her story was a dancer in the US. She had many great teachers who taught her many different dance forms. She really took a particular interest in a type of ritual Indian dance called Kathak. Before she knew it, she was on a plane to India to study this sacred dance with her new mentor and famous Kathak dancer, Sitara Devi.

Little did she know that this talented teacher of hers was a follower of the ancient Hindu Goddess. Once her lessons of dance began, so did her lessons of the Goddess. Sharron was taught all the ancient sacred arts of Hindu Goddess worhsip in India. She even had to wear a sari the whole time she lived there, which was five years. She completely transformed from a member of western society, to a goddess worshiping sacred dancer of India. Her story is truly remarkable and inspiring to all goddess worshipers today. She took a risk in a country she had not been and with a woman she had not met, and turned her life into something that's extremely admirable in my opinion. She did what she wanted to do, regardless of what society or her family said or thought.

Upon her return to the US, she continued her quest to learn more about the Goddess. She then started to learn about the Egyptian Goddesses, particularly Isis. The life experiences this woman had on her journey to the Goddess is one people only dream of having.

At the end of this book she gives various Goddess meditations for you to try. I highly recommend this book to anyone who finds inspiration through the Goddess and the story of her followers. If for nothing else, its a great story. This book is great for beginners on the Goddess path, or for advanced worshipers as well.

You can find it here on Amazon : The Path of the Priestess

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