Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giveaway, Winter Solstice Greeting Cards!

This months giveaway comes to us from Montserrat at The Sacred Feminine. She has generously donated six of her Winter Solstice greeting cards made with her beautiful art! These are great to send to family or friends at Yule. I've featured Montserrat and her sacred art and candles here before and I love her work. Here's a little background on Montserrat and her divine creations:

My name is Montserrat and I was born in Barcelona. I have lived in many places and countries, and now I am in the United States.
I have always been interested in art, but it was after a series of spiritual experiences that I started to paint with oils.
My first paintings were of Cosmic Devas and Angels, but later on the Divine Feminine was awaken within me, and I began painting the female manifestation of Divinity.
Although I practice the middle path of the Buddha, I don't associate with any specific religion, having found that all religions hold beautiful teachings.
You will probably notice that some of my paintings have a religious air to them, while others are more symbolic.
I strive to find and paint the Divine, whatever shape or form it might take. 

The cards being given away celebrate the Mother in her most divine form. As the earth and the universe, as all. The cards are blank inside so you can write any Winter Solstice greeting you like. To enter the giveaway, visit Montserrat's shop and comment about some of the products you like. Also be sure to check out her Facebook Page! The giveaway will last for one week at which time the winner will be announced. Please be sure to leave your contact information in case you win! Thank you to Montserrat for donating her wonderful greeting cards! Good luck to everyone who enters!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Circe, Ancient Greek Sorceress

Circe was said by Homer to have been a Goddess. Other sources say she was a minor Goddess, closer to a nymph or a witch. Daughter to Helios, the Sun God and Perseis, a water nymph. Her brother was Aeetes, the keeper of the Golden Fleece. Some accounts make her the daughter of Hekate and sister to Medea. Others think she may have been just a priestess of Hekate.

Being known as a powerful sorceress and enchantress, her most well known myth is in the Odyssey. She is said to have invited the crew of Odysseus into her abode for a feast after their travels. Unbeknownst to the crew, Circe mixed one of her magical potions in the food, and after they ate she used her wand to turn them all into pigs. After turning Odysseus men into pigs, Circe tried to keep Odysseus for herself by tricking him into sleeping with her. She bore him three sons, Argios, Latinos and Telegonos. Odysseus stayed on the island with Circe drinking wine and indulging. This was the promise he made so that his men could be freed.

Circe lived on the mythical island of Aiaia where she resided with nymphs who were her attendants. She was quite skilled in the power of illusion, creating magical brews and was also experienced in the art of necromancy. She was said to be quite beautiful with dark braided hair. In a Homeric hymn, she is invoked almost as though she is a daimon, or spirit:

"Daughter of Helios, Kirke the witch,
Come cast cruel spells; 
Hurt both these men and their handiwork."

Circe's sacred herbs are said to be Enchanted Nightshade which is in the Circaea genus, so befittingly named. As well as Mandrake and Primrose. She is skilled in the art of illusion, metamorphosis, and mind altering. Circe is a powerful sorceress gifted with many cunning arts and prowess. Some of her sacred stones are said to be green jade and peridot, which is the color of her eyes. Her symbols are the wand and the cauldron. When creating a magical brew, call on Circe, when looking to create a metamorphosis in your own life, call on Circe. She can give much power to any magical working.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Circe, minor Goddess of ancient Greece!

Photo courtesy of JWWaterhouse.com
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