Thursday, February 23, 2012

Giveaway from The Whimsical Pixie!

This wonderful giveaway comes to us from The Whimsical Pixie, who has generously donated her Five Elements Millefiori Ostara Egg Set! I have to say that I already ordered some of these for myself, and I absolutely love them! So well crafted and beautiful colors. Here's what the owner Paula had to say about her business, and her Ostara elemental eggs.

1. How long have you been crafting magical products?
Its been a little over 3 years since I've started creating magickal ritual items to sell. It all started because I wanted to make my sister a set of runes; did a Google search for tutorials and found a great one using polymer clay. One link led to another revealing the versatility of the clay and this Pixie took flight!

2. Please explain the item you are giving away.
The egg is not only a symbol of fertility but of the universe itself; the shell represents earth; membrane: air; the yolk: fire and the white: water. The eggs of this set has been done to correspond with the colors of the Elements and form a "pentagram" when their wide ends are placed together; a pretty decoration for your Spring Equinox altar

Translated millefiori literally means a thousand flowers. Polymer clay is used to fabricate “canes” of different designs; the cane can be reduced in size yet the design of the cane remains the same throughout. Thin slices are then taken from the cane and laid individually on an object to create something truly unique and beautiful.

Each egg was wet sanded after baking and coated with a high gloss polycrylic for shine. Eggs measure approximately 2".

Ok, so now to enter, go to The Whimsical Pixie, find a product or two that you like, come back here and comment on them. Also be sure to check out The Whimsical Pixie's Facebook Page! The winner will be picked using, and will be announced in one week. Have fun playing and good luck! Thanks to Paula for donating her beautiful elemental eggs!


  1. The Whimsical Pixie is my favorite shop on all of Etsy. I've bought some premade items and Paula has crafted some amazing things for my family too. One of my current favorite items in her shop is her Merry Meet and Merry Meet Again signs. So cute! I'm going to need these when we get a new house. :) Check 'em out here

  2. I have browsed through the Whimsical Pixie's site often and will be ordering the pentagram Yule cards this year to send out during the holidays. As my birthday is coming up soon, I am hoping that the husband has taken note of how many times I have commented on the ritual boline with the pentagram on the handle and bought it for me. I love all the stuff on the site and have to restrain myself from buying it all at once. LOL

  3. Those eggs are BEAUTIFUL! Thank-you Paula!!!

    OK there are 4 things that I totally adore at the Whimsical Pixie:
    Goddess and Flowers Altar Tile - love her style of drawing the goddess.
    Green Man Altar Plaque - I don't have much male energy in my alter items and I think he would be great.
    Merry Meet Pyrograph Set of Welcome Signs - I totally love this idea!!!
    Made to Order Iris and Flower Pentacle Wood Altar Box Medium - the hardware, the beautiful floral like pent and flowers, the size ... just wonderful =D

    I added them to my favorites for when I have a job again!

  4. Thank you for this giveaway !! The Eggs are sooo beautiful ♥_♥

    I love the "Goddess Standing Among the Flowers" Altar Box, I am a great collector of boxes and cases. And there is also the Green Man Altar Plaque which is amazing! :)


  5. I love the green man plauqe, I have a small collection, including a green lady!
    As we are planning a new porch and front door, the welcome signs would be perfect!

  6. OMGosh, everything is SO beautiful! It took me forever to pick two, but I absolutely love the runes and athame set. I dont have a set of runes yet, so this would be a lovely one to have. :) I had to post the link on my fb page lol And second- okay, I couldnt decide after all- It's between the Goddess among the flowers box, or the Green Man plaque :)~ I know where I'm coming when I get to pick out my birthday present!
    Brightest Blessings! x

  7. While this type of pyrographed spoon isn't in her store right at this moment, I ordered one of her day of the dead spoons for my wife a while back and I have to say they are 1. HUGE and 2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love all of her pyrographed work but the spoon I ordered is by far my favorite!

  8. I really love the Imbolc (Brigid's knot) and Ostara Equinox Altar tiles. They would be perfect for my small, special occasion altars.
    (I bought the beautiful millifiori Christmas ornament as a gift for friends....workmanship was exquisite).

  9. i adore the star door fairy portal! i like everything in your shop, but the fairy portals are so cute and my daughter would love it too! the elemental eggs are just beautiful!

  10. I LOVE!!! LOVE LOVE!! the fairy portals in your etsy shop :) Also the "on the go" altars are an awesome idea! Saving my pennies up for a fairy portal tho, it's a must have ;) So freakin cute!

  11. I really love the Made to Order Goddess Standing Among the Flowers Wood Altar Box Small. It's so beautiful, I can imagine it on my altar!

    volta2173 at sbcglobal dot net

  12. Hi~This was my first of many visits to The Whimsical Pixie's Etsy Shop. Functional beauty is what I admire most...The Goddess Rising Kitchen Wands are awesome! They remind me of the tale "Tatterhood" and her wooden spoon that she was born with. I also like the travel altars-the concept is fun and original with fitting in the palm of your hand. I also like the Hearth and Home/ Peace and Harmony Smudge Bowl set-this would be something I would use quite often-the bowl is very lovely. Must budget which means I must wait to make a purchase - patience is not my strong suit...:) In the mean time-will visit WhimsicalPixie a lot!

  13. I actually have these from a fantastic trade and I LOVE them!

    All of her products are amazing. So excited aboiut this giveaway!


  14. I love the Ostara Spring Equinox Altar tile. I'm a sucker for bunnies :)
    I also love the fairy portal. It's adorable. :) I'm so happy to learn of her work.


  15. This shop is lovely; thanks for the giveaway!

    I adore the pocket travel altar; since I spend at least two months each year at my mum's I should really get one to celebrate my spirituality away from home.
    And I love the fairy portals, although I've never worked with fairies so far. But they look adorable!



  17. I love the imbolc altar tile and of course the Destiny inspired altar kit Paula created in honor of my book!

  18. Paula is my absolute favorite seller on Etsy and I've purchased a number of products from her, including 2 athames (one for me, one for my sister) a bolline, multiple sets of the Goddess/God luminaries,and the Hare/4 millefiori eggs. Everything is really well made and ships quickly. As soon as I have the extra money I will be getting the Brighids Knot Imbolc Altar Tile

    ~ Kate

  19. I love her athames when she has them and I also love the little pocket travel altars. She's one of my favorite shops and I'd love to score those beautiful eggs!

  20. Paula has the most magnificent store! I love the Altar Tiles that she is making for the Sabbats, it is hard to pick a favorite. I have quite a few of her millefiori creations that are just so beautiful! One of my favorite's is the Hearth and Home Smudge Bowl set. The colors are awesome! She had custom made the Tree of LIfe Altar Set for me. With a fabulous Altar box, Altar Tile and Dowsing board. Her talents included a gorgeous hand braided Corn Dollie and cinnamon broom, the detail was amazing! Love this Seller, Love her store.

  21. I have to say, Paula really does have some unique items, and considering how big Etsy is, that's really saying something. Her bolines and green man altar plaque are unlike any I've ever seen before, and are really affordable, too! Beautiful store, beautiful products.

  22. I have always loved Paula's pyrography...especially her wooden spoons. Maybe it is because I like to bake and cook and her goddess designs, pentagrams and kitchen witches have the best combination of utilitarian and celebratory qualities.

  23. Her art is fantastic! Hard to choose only one item, but I loved her Ritual Bolline with Pentacle Set in Pyrography!

    Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaway!

  24. I'd like to have -everything- from the store, but if I'd have to choose I'd like:
    The Ritual Tool/Altar Set. It'd be nice to have such pretty things on my altar.

    And also the Mery Meet Pyrograph Set of Welcome Signs!

  25. Love the green man plaque and the fairie doors! may have to order one in the near future.

  26. The green man plaque and the child's blessing ornament were my two favorite things. Her artwork is stunning!

    Thanks for sharing the giveaway!

    chemistrywolf (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. I just ordered some incense from her. She is lovely! I will be ordering some fairie doors in the future. They are too cute!!

  28. Thank you for this giveaway! :)
    I love the green man plaque and the fairie doors!!
    Serket Nemesia


  29. I was so surprised this morning when I opened my email. I was so excited to be the winner of this gorgeous Millefiori Ostara Egg Set!!! I am still in shock, please pinch me .. :-) I love Paula's work and these are awesome!!! Thank you!!!!!


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