Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Launch Party!

Starting tomorrow morning and through the weekend I'm hosting a party for the launch of my book, Goddess Connections. The event will take place on the Love of the Goddess Facebook page. Come join the party and connect with your goddess sisters and brothers! There will be three giveaways including a copy of the book, a free guided meditation and a print of one of the illustrations from the book. You get to choose which goddess you would like a guided meditation or print of.

The giveaway for a copy of the book is on Goodreads and the link is already up on the event page. To check out the event and RSVP simply click here. There will not only be giveaways but we will also be posting our own personal stories about how the goddess changed our lives. This is a great way to meet like minded people and connect with others who honor the Great Mother. This party lasts all weekend long after which the winners will be announced. Share with your friends and fellow goddess sisters! Let's celebrate our love for the goddess together!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nemetona, Goddess of the Sacred Groves

Nemetona is a Germanic-Celtic goddess of the forests and groves. In the ancient Celtic world deities were worshiped in the groves as these were considered to be their sacred places. Nature was where they did their worship and these natural areas were said to hold the spirit of the deity. Especially Nemetona as she is known as a goddess of the woods. She was venerated as a guardian of the trees and forests and any open-air place of natural worship.

Evidence of her worship has been found along the Rhine as well as in Bath, England. In Bath there was a shrine which was found erected in her honor which portrays her as a seated figure holding a scepter with a ram alongside her. Her name derives from the Celtic word nemeto which roughly translates to refer to a consecrated religious space. She was also worshiped by the Nemetes which was a Germanic tribe living along the Rhine who also revered many other gods. The places where Nemetona protected were viewed as sacred. And since the ancient Celts did not build temples, these sacred places were found in nature.  

She was also known to be revered by the Romans who associated her with the god Mars.
Nemetona was primarily worshiped in Gaul which is present day Germany and France. Although as discussed earlier her worship spread far and wide reaching Rome and England. She is not the only deity the Romans adopted as one of their own. Other Germanic-Celtic deities revered by the Romans were Epona and Brigantia. 

Although not much is known about Nemetona because the Celts passed down their stories orally, we do know that she was a goddess of healing. She was associated with the Hawthorn tree which was said to be sacred to her. She was also associated with the Oak and Ash trees and this particular trio was sacred to the Druids. When one enters the groves of Nemetona, a sense of peace and calm is said to come over you and the healing power of nature takes hold. Since these areas were seen as protected by Nemetona, you could consider yourself to be in a safe place when worshiping her. 

To honor the spirit of Nemetona one must venture to the natural places. Where trees grow wild and free. Where the quiet comes over you and all you hear are the birds and the sway of the tree branches in the wind. Where you feel the primal connection to nature. That is where you will find Nemetona.  

Image courtesy of Dark Tear on Deviant Art

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Giveaway! Goddess Mandala Printable Coloring Page of Your Choice!

Moon Goddess Mandala

I'm having a giveaway for one of my goddess mandala printable coloring pages! You get to choose which one you want. Once the winner is announced I will email you a PDF file which you can download, print and then color. The winner will be announced Sunday morning.

To enter, please go to my etsy shop and find your favorite mandala. Come back here and leave a comment stating which one you like. Also be sure to leave your email address or a way for me to contact you if you win. Feel free to share this with your friends! Good luck!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quiz: Your Goddess Personality

I wanted to share with my blog readers a fun quiz that I created that will help you find the goddess that most resonates with your personality. This quiz is designed to help you find your inner goddess self. It consists of eight questions aimed at telling you which goddess is your kindred spirit.

To access the quiz please click here. Have fun and please feel free to leave your results in the comments!

Your Goddess Personality Quiz and all images are copyright 2015 of Love of the Goddess

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Color Me Fall! Tips for Coloring the Fall Goddess Mandala

What springs to mind when you think of Fall? Cool weather, light breezes, hot cocoa and the warm colors Fall brings. The colors you see in the leaves when they change like deep reds, warm oranges and yellows and soft browns. These are the traditional colors of the Fall season and this is what I decided to use to color my mandala with. You can of course choose whatever colors resonate with you.

In this mandala there is a Fall goddess in the center with a Fall leaf on her belly. She is surrounded by Fall leaves, pumpkins, acorns and other geometric shapes.It's best to start coloring in the objects around the goddess first. This way you can choose the best color for her to stand out the most. It might be better to choose a lighter color for the goddess since she is in the center and your eye is immediately drawn to her. So you want her to stand out. Color her in light and then use darker colors around her. This will make her color really pop.

Ready to start coloring? Grab your colored pencils, your cup of hot cocoa, get in your comfy spot and get your color on! Try to envision how you want your goddess mandala to look before you start adding color. Ask yourself some questions like: What feelings or mood to you want to portray? Do you want to frame and hang this on a wall in your home? If so what are the colors in that room? What does Fall mean to you? Answering all these questions first will give you a better idea of what colors to choose.

You can use colored pencils or markers or even pastels to color these in. I personally like to use prismacolor colored pencils and the pencils I used were: spanish orange, goldenrod, sienna brown, dark brown, crimson red, tuscan red, poppy red, orange and canary yellow. One technique that I like to use  is to color in an area with a lighter color and then go around the border with a darker color. For example using poppy red to color in a fall leaf and then using crimson red to color in the border of the leaf and then blending those two colors together.

So play with your colors and throw around some ideas in your head. You will find a style and a way that works best for you. Please feel free to post pictures of your mandalas when you've added color. I would love to see how everyone's turned out and all the different colors that resonate with each of us! To get the Fall goddess mandala please go to my etsy shop so you can download, print and start coloring.

Happy coloring!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to Engage your Creative Inner Goddess While Reducing Stress

I wanted to give something to my fellow goddess followers that would enable them to be creative and would also help with stress reduction and mindfulness. Something that would help to engage the creative self and also to help forget the worries of the day. So I decided to create some goddess centered mandalas that can be downloaded, printed and colored all from within the comfort of your own home. Creating mandalas, drawing and coloring are all proven stress reducing activities.

Imagine coming home from a long day at the office, changing into some comfy clothes, pouring yourself a glass of Cabernet, grabbing your colored pencils and your mandala and getting cozy in your favorite spot. You start to rummage through your bag of colored pencils hearing the sound of the pencils clanking together, while looking for your favorite colors. As you start to color in your mandala, a feeling of calm comes over you and you realize that you've relaxed and stopped stressing about the day. You allow your mind to focus in on one thing and loose yourself in the colors.

The colors you choose also have some meaning as well. Bright colors like reds, oranges and yellows are very energizing and great to use if you're feeling depressed. Blues and greens are soothing and calming and great to use if you're feeling anxious or agitated. Shades of purples and violets will totally relax your mind and body. Listen to your intuitive voice when choosing your colors. She will guide you in the right direction.

Coloring mandalas are fun and they're pretty! Especially when they are filled with color. You can even frame your mandalas and change out the picture with the season or with your mood. Another positive aspect of coloring in mandalas is that it engages your intuitive voice and helps you to listen to and trust it better.

All of these mandalas were hand drawn by me and lots of love and creative energy went into making each one. I currently have a few mandalas in my etsy shop and plan to keep adding over the next few weeks. Next to add is a Yule goddess mandala! If you would like to start coloring go to Goddess Mandala on Etsy to download and print. Please feel free to post pictures of your mandalas once you have them colored. I would love to see how great they turned out! Have any suggestions for my next goddess mandalas? Please leave me a comment telling me what you'd like to see.
Happy coloring!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Illustrations in Sage Woman Magazine

I did some illustrations for an article in Sage Woman magazine which will be appearing in the Fall issue, Serenity. It comes out this month and hopefully will be in stores by the end of the month. I'm so excited to have been a part of this opportunity! This issue of Sage Woman has articles written by people who share their experiences of how serenity found them. The article with my illustrations is titled "Our Mother is Both a Person and a Place". It's a lovely and comforting article about the authors children and her journey to becoming a mother.

In the article, the author relates motherhood to nature and animals. So I thought it fitting to center my main illustration (featured above) around a figure of an earth goddess. She is the tree with roots that reach deep into the earth and she is also the leaves on branches that

reach high into the heavens. She is
surrounded by a beautiful garden and has an owl perched on one of her branches. The author talks about how with her first child, she would dream of owls. So I decided to make the owl a focus in my illustrations as well hence the second smaller illustration of a snow owl.

I loved working with Anne of Sage Woman magazine and I decided to work with her again for the Winter issue. The articles and illustrations in Sage Woman have always inspired me and left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. I feel blessed to have my work showcased in this beautiful magazine. Anne was nice enough to give me a review of my work and here's what she said: "Tara Reynolds is a consummate professional: her illustration work is evocative, crisp, and detailed, but never overwrought or fussy. Her artwork beckons the reader into discovering the story for themselves. She's also a dream to work with! - Anne Newkirk Niven, editor & publisher, Sage Woman Magazine"

I hope you will grab a copy of this lovely magazine once it appears in the stores! Thanks to Anne for the wonderful opportunity.
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