Monday, January 18, 2010

Product Review: Goddess Healing Cd's by Mary Marzo

I recently purchased one of Mary Marzo's Goddess Healing cd's and fell in love with it! She has a collection of three different guided meditation cd's, and she herself walks you through each meditation. Her voice is very comforting and soothing. The first cd I've tried is her Goddess Relaxation and Meditations. The first 40 minutes she guides you through a deep body relaxation , surely to relax any individual! With deep breathing techniques and slowly relaxing each part of your body starting with your feet up to your neck and face. After trying this out I felt completely and totally relaxed! More than I ever have been. I highly recommend this part of the cd for anyone who has a hard time relaxing after a long day.

The next two tracks are guided meditations. First she walks you through a grounding meditation to connect with mother earth. Her soothing voice can illustrate a beautiful picture and heal your soul. The next and last track is about fifteen minutes of an inner sanctuary meditation. Here she helps you find your personal sacred inner sanctuary, where you can connect with your wise woman or simply heal and rest.

Guided meditation cd's are a great tool for you to use for practicing meditation. They help you with visualization and they also help you to relax. Its much easier to listen to a nice soothing voice guide you through a meditation, than it is to try and read a meditation while trying to meditate! I recommend this wonderful Goddess meditation cd to anyone looking to connect with their inner Goddess, or someone who just needs help relaxing. Mary Marzo also offers two other cds titled: Goddess Blessings and Goddess and Child.

Be sure to check out her website and if you can try out one of her wonderful Goddess meditation cd's!

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