Love of the Goddess started in 2010 as a blog about goddess worship in order to teach others and myself about the goddess. It has transformed to become so much more! Everything written on here has been lovingly and thoroughly researched  and my hope is to connect with each other through our love for the goddess.

The articles on this blog are about various subjects pertaining to goddess worship such as goddess profiles, historical essays, ancient women pieces and contributions from other writers within the goddess community. My mission is to make Love of the Goddess an invaluable resource for the subject of goddess worship.

Along with awesome information you will also get some fun, creative bonuses such as printables, books and illustrations. As priestesses it is essential to connect with our creative selves which is offered through the use of my printable goddess mandala coloring pages. If you are new to the goddess path then I would recommend reading my book Goddess Connections for info, meditations and rituals on nine different goddesses from around the globe. Lastly if you need a piece of goddess art to add to your altar or your home then take a peek at my illustrations.

All are welcome here at any point on your path. This is a place for learning and sharing information. Please feel free to leave comments and share any info you may have on the goddess or even just about your own spiritual path. Thank you so much for being a part of my spiritual journey and for letting me share that with you!


Goddess bless!

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