Thursday, August 18, 2011

Giveaway from The Hoodoo Shop!

This months giveaway comes to us from Carolina Gonzalez over at the Hoodoo Shop. She has generously donated one of her prints of the Goddess Hekate! This is my absolute favorite picture of Hekate and I already own a print myself. It's 4 x 6 and perfect to put in a frame to adorn your altar. If you love Hekate, you'll love this print! I had the chance to speak with Carolina, here's what she had to say:

1. Please tell us a little about your magical business.

I have been a self-employed Witch and Artisan since my early twenties, attending local customers; on February 2009, my husband was made unemployed suddenly, and we decided to open The Hoodoo Shop at Etsy, a business devoted to offer our spiritual and creative services worldwide. We are focused on African-origin religions like Santeria, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Umbanda and Candomble, but we serve Pagans of all paths, as many of our customers have mixed pantheons as we do ourselves.

Our work covers three main areas; Tarot and Spell work services, devotional artwork and spiritual supplies. We are highly focused on offering a completely handmade, unique range of items - and we are very proud to say that the response of Etsy's customers has been beyond all our expectations! We have recently passed 1700 sales and 210.000 visits on our blog – we are truly thankful that our view of spirituality is shared with so many awesome people around the world.

We have recently opened our own website, which unites all our services into one address, making it much easier for our customers and readers to access our products. Also, we have created the House Of Eleggua Temple, which is focused on offering free healing services for those less fortunate on our community, and free educational services to our readers worldwide, sharing our knowledge of African religions in a loving, open way, far from fear and prejudices.

2. Do you have a favorite product or products that you make?

Choosing one product or service would be like choosing one of your own children above others – you just can't! I think that the fact that I can go from painting, to oil making, to making a reading and giving someone peace of mind is exactly what makes our work so satisfying. Crafting is a very important part of our lives, but interacting with customers and experiencing the real life of Witches is something that we wouldn't change either. The balance between creative work and counselling is indeed exhausting and hard to accomplish, but we are both constantly learning and giving, and that's what matters at the end of the day.

3. Please explain the item you are giving away.

We are giving away a 4x6, professionally made print of our Hecate painting. The original painting painting was made in 2010 by me in acrylic paints, and depicts Goddess Hekate holding a torch on each hand, adorned by tattoos and wearing a beautiful purple tunic. Her triple aspect is represented behind her, and a decorative frame surrounds her, depicting some of her sacred symbols: the crow, the dog, the key, and three of her sacred herbs: digital, willow and jimsomweed. Check out our website: and also check out our Facebook fan page

Ok so now for the rules to entering. Check out Carolina's shop and come back here to comment on a product or a few products that you like. Please make sure your contact info is easily accessible for me, so that I can contact you if you win. I will choose the winner randomly with The winner will be announced Friday August 26th. Good luck and have fun playing!


  1. Oooh! Give-away time! :) I *love* this painting of Hecate. It is one of the more tastefully done ones out there.

    I like the "Moonchild" necklace and the "Orisha Bottle Charm for Ancestor Work." Besides the painting, these are my two favs!

    Here is my emails:

    Thanks for another lovely give-away! :)

  2. Carolina's shop is so lovely! I just started learning Tarot and I would love the try the wormwood smudge sticks in her shop to cleanse the energy in my home.

    The Hecate print being offered here is really beautiful and I'd love to win it for my little alter.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I really like the different variety of seeds she offers. So much so that I ordered some last week. :)

  4. Wow...what an awesome give-a-way! I too would love to own this print for my altar.

    I just spent the better part of an hour over on Carolina's shop and I wish I had tons of money to spend right now as there are many items I'd buy!

    I'd love to own her Moonchild necklace, the Fairies in the Kitchen Book of Shadows and tags set, one of her beautiful Ancestor Pendulums and some Wormwood Smudge Sticks..I can think of more such as the Witch Bottles that would be so wonderful to give as gifts.

    Now I'm off to peruse her website! :)

    Thanks for allowing me to enter the give-a-way and Many Blessings to You and Carolina!

  5. Oops! I forgot to leave my info!
    You can leave a message for me here, please?

    Thanks a Million!

  6. Give-Away time! :D
    I love so much Carolina and Fernando shop!

    My favorite products are the amazing paintings ♥ They are sacred and so magical... like the painting of Saint Michael, Hekate or Oya! I'd love to own one of them. And I love her little dolls.

    Thank you for this give-away.
    Bright Blessings!

    Contact :!contact

  7. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter a give away for such a nice print.

    I fell in love with the items at The Magick Shop the first time I saw them. I've purchased quite a few wonderful items and I am so happy that every time Carolina gives me such quality and great service. She's really one in a million, and we're facebook buddies now too :)
    It would be kind of silly to say I love them all but I do. :) My favorite items she sells is the Gentle Spring Set and her Goddess Inspired Teas (which are close out items :'( ). She has such a good variety of plants. Some I couldn't find anywhere else!
    I love her art as well! I really wanted to get the Hare Goddess Print, the Pomba Gira Print and of course the Hekate print but times are a little rough. So I am very happy to be presented with a chance to win!
    I would recommend Carolina to anyone, she's so friendly and a great business woman.

    Thanks again and Abundant Blessings to all!

    You can contact me at:

  8. I really liked the Horned God print, and the herb runes were cool, but EGADS! those colors. LOL Anyways I think I'm buying myself a Hecate print if I don't win it. : )


  9. I like the Isis oil! Very cool shop. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Mary Dean

  10. Thank you for this Giveaway. My Goddess is Hecate so of course I'm thrilled with this price! <3

    What I also liked from the Hare Goddess paint ;-)

  11. Absolutely love the variety of products from oils, to art....amazing
    Kathie Ellis

  12. Where'd my comment go? Could've sworn I posted one before unless it was deleted?

    I fell in love with Carolina's work sometme in 2007 when I saw the pictures she posted of a Goddess ritual on Flickr. Her work is one in a million-full of color, full of vibrancy, full of passion-I can *feel* the love, care and energy she puts into everything, even through my computer monitor.

    I have fallen in love with her Magickal Garden Talisman, her Summer Solstice talisman and her Oil of Isis. I *really* want the Virgin de Regla and Virgin de Caridad del Cobre (ochum) oils, as I am close to Yemaya and Ochun both, which is also thankz to Carolina.

    My email is (yeah, yeah, but it's for spam and I do check it regularly. I'd rather not have my "real" email taken by any more spam).

  13. Thank you so much for the link to this shop. So many beautiful and useful items. I loved the jewelry selection, especially the Moonchild pendant.

    Koneta Bailey

  14. I liked the prints the best of all. Especially Hecate and the Horned God print.

    Thank you so much.

  15. Her artwork is amazing.
    I really adore her Hare Goddess and the Horned God.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

    Andrea (

  16. I enjoyed checking out their shop! I think the Hecate's Blessing necklace is pretty..thanks!!

    cyclona66 at aol dot com

  17. I am so happy that I had an opportunity to visit this beautiful Etsy site! I will go back to purchase the following:
    The Full MOon jewerly set: I love the mother of pearl pendant!
    I also love the Mermaid tags that along with so much!
    I would love to win this Hekate picture!

    My email is and my name is Deb Hillman (Angelique Autumn on my magickal facebook page)

    Blessed be!

  18. My favorite is her Love Mojo Bag Plus Our Lady Of Charity Oil Vial. I was actually looking at that early this morning at work. i love the Hecate painting it is by far the most beautiful I have ever seen!
    my email is

  19. I've been a fan of her Etsy page for a while now! I LOVE the Hekate print. Her oils and washes are awesome! I have a couple of them in my stash!!

    my email is

  20. That is a gorgeous image of Hecate! I wants I also love her Hare Goddess print, Red Gulal Powder - For Bindis And Body Painting. I also own several of her BOS inserts already, like the Summer Solstice and The Magick Garden Talisman.

  21. I think everything is great, but the artwork and the Orisha charm bottles are my favorites.
    stregalibby at aol dot com

  22. Everything in her shop is amazing. I have been following her for 2 years now. Not only does she give freely by inspiration she also gives information.
    She is very helpful in answering questions. Her minitures are beautiful, and a reminder that magic comes in all shapes and sizes.
    She is truely a roll model.

    Sunny :

  23. There are so many amazing things in this store! If I had the cash flow I would purchase many of the incense varieties to bless my new townhouse!!

    Kismet Conrad

  24. Omg'dessss,I love her Etsy shop! All of her art prints are Gorgeous- I love the pink Runes made of polymerClay and those Hoodoo oil bottles (papa Ghede oil) are intriguing. I think a shopping trip there is in order. Hope I win that Gorgeous Hekate Print! We are connected on fb- Brookemarisol and also my email;
    thank you Brookemarisol

  25. I love the Male Orisha Necklace, especially number two. I can feel the energy from this piece through the computer!

    I also love the image of Pomba Gira. It is different from what I have seen before, which makes it very unique.

    I would like to see more pieces specifically related to Eleggua.

    Thanks so much for the competition! It is a lovely prize.

    All the best,

  26. What a beautiful print! In the shop, I looked hard at the Crossroads - Herbal Lip Balm/Solid Perfume. Why? As a Hekate worshipper, the name struck me and being that I use a product very similar currently, it captured my attention. Interestingly enough, I saw that it contained mint.. sacred to Hekate and that it could also be used as a perfume. I imagine it smells like the Hekate oil I currently wear (due to the mint) with less cypress. Great product idea! *crosses fingers* and beautiful print! :)

  27. I love the Marie Laveau print!

  28. Oh what a wonderful shop she has so many beautiful things. Favorites: Moonchild Necklace, Horned God print, Yemanya Holy Cards...or can I just say I like everything?


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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