Monday, May 27, 2013

Magic Monday, Milagros Votive Offerings

Milagros translates to mean "miracle" in Spanish and is an image which is offered to a deity in thanks or as a prayer. Also known as "ex-voto", the images created can represent something desired, something to be healed, a sacred symbol of a deity, protection and luck among other things. These votive offerings originated thousands of years ago and were used in many cultures around the world such as Rome, Greece, and Latin America to name a few. They are made out of different materials such as clay, wax, metal and wood among other mediums. Some examples of a milagros might be a horseshoe for luck, a heart for love, money/coins for prosperity or a symbol representing a deity to give thanks.

 A milagros can be bought or personally made. I prefer to make most of my magical tools as I feel a better connection with my magical workings. Your milagros doesn't need to be an exquisite piece of art, just something to symbolize what you're trying to accomplish. However you decide to make yours once you have it finished, cleanse it with sage, and take it to your altar/shrine. Now say a prayer to infuse your milagros with its magical purpose and place it on your altar as an offering to the deity you're invoking. Feel free to turn this into a ritual if you like with candles and incense.

Leave your milagros on your altar, carry it with you or make it into a piece of jewelry. This really depends on the meaning of it. If its a sacred symbol used to give thanks to your deity then leaving it on your altar would be best. If its used for luck or protection you should carry it with you. The picture above is of two milagros that I made in honor of two Goddesses. The key is for Hekate and the rose is for Aphrodite. They are made out of polymer clay which is quite easy to work with and sold at most craft stores. Feel free to get as creative as you like if you're making your own. You may add adornments such as jewels and charms, write a prayer on it, paint it or whatever comes to your mind.

Have fun making and experimenting with milagros!

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  1. Very Nice you can connect with magick in this lovely way! My favourite votive offering is an oval plaque bearing at one end the head of a hedgehog, that my grandmother brought from Egypt long ago!... I received it when I was 13 years old and kept it for some reason always with me... though the purpose of the hedgehog is unknown and Pagans believe it includes lunar and solar powers, I can confirm it has supernatural powers indeed!....Big things come in small packages.... no doubt at all!
    Celtic Sprite


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