Monday, May 20, 2013

Magic Monday, Rune Casting

Reading runes is different from reading tarot cards. Instead of placing them into a spread, you simply choose some from a bag or pouch and cast them (scatter/lightly throw) out on a table or cloth. When consulting the runes, grab however many you need for your reading, hold them in your hand and think of the question you wish to be answered, then scatter them. Take note as to which ones land face up, these relate to the recent situation you are in. Although there is really no perfected way to read runes, generally the ones lying in the center represent what is currently relevant while those lying around the center are less important. Those that fall opposite each other may represent opposing forces.

Once you have interpreted the stones facing up, you may turn over the stones that are lying face down, these represent the future or possible outcome. There are a few different general castings you can do such as the Norns (a three rune casting), Odin's nine rune casting and/or a one rune casting. For a quick daily reading use the one rune casting, a three rune casting for a past, present, future reading and a nine rune casting for a more in depth look at the answer you seek. You can really use any number of runes you like to do a reading, the numbers three and nine were sacred to the Norse people so those are the ones I have shared.  Enjoy divining with the runes!

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  1. I havent cast runes in FOREVER.....guess I should get them out tonight. Thank you


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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