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Erzulie, Voodoo Goddess of Love

Erzulie is one of the Voodoo Loa, or goddesses in the Voodoo religion. She stands for love, women, beauty and passion. She is said to be a triple Goddess and has three names, Erzulie Freda who is likened to the Virgin Mary, Erzulie Dantor who is the loa of passion and jealousy and La Siren who is a sea Goddess representing the mother. Her worship originates in Africa like the other Voodoo spirits/Orisha's although when the people of Africa were captured, turned into slaves and brought to Haiti and America, Erzulie became associated with the Catholic Virgin Mary. Many of the African Gods were turned into saints and given different names as the slave owners forbid the worship of these foreign Gods and forced the Africans to convert, although they still honored their Gods in private.

Erzulie Freda is said to be a Goddess who indulges in the finer things in life and has much passion, sexual power and beauty. She has three husbands and so wears three wedding rings on her finger. She is likened to the Goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. Erzulie Freda loves the color pink, sweet foods, perfume and lavish gifts. She lives life to its fullest and with much passion and emotion, she is also said to be quite beautiful and desirable.

As Erzulie Dantor she is portrayed as a warrior Goddess who seeks vengeance against those who would hurt women and is associated with the black Madonna. She is a voice for and protector of women who would call on her power when they were beaten by their husbands, raped by their slave owners or any other time they were hurt by a man. Erzulie loves women and stands by their side through all times in their lives, she is also a patron Goddess for lesbians. In this guise Erzulie loves knives and the colors red and black, she has tribal battle scars on her face and is feared for her ruthlessness.

As La Siren she is a beautiful sea serpent known for her sacred and sensual dance and is associated with the ocean, rivers and lakes. In this aspect she represents the mother and is said to be associated with Oshun, a Yoruban river Goddess, and is a patron Goddess for sailors.

Erzulie is one of the most beloved Goddesses in the Voodoo faith. Call on her for matters concerning love, women's issues, protection and warrior power. Her colors are pink, blue, red, black and purple, her symbols are the dove and the Veve, which is a heart with a dagger through it, and her favorite offerings include sweets such as sugary desserts, cakes and candy, as well as perfume, liqueur, jewelry and rum. I hope you enjoyed learning about this Voodoo Loa of passion, love and beauty!

Photo courtesy of Erzulie Freda


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