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Enheduanna, Ancient Priestess of Sumer

Enheduanna was an ancient princess of Sumer, and priestess of the God Nanna, who lived around 2300 B.C.E. She is well known for the hymns she wrote in honor of the Goddess Inanna and for different temple complexes within Mesopotamia. Historical texts say that she was daughter to king Sargon of Akkad and Queen Tashlutum. She is the oldest named writer and poet known thus far in history as well as the first feminine name recorded in history. She was appointed the role of high priestess for the God Nanna in the Sumerian city of Ur by her father. This was said to be a political move by the king, her father, in order to gain power in Southern Mesopotamia. Her title was En Priestess, En meaning "High Priest or Priestess". This was a common role held by daughters of royalty.

Although she was a high priestess of the God Nanna, she was extremely devoted to the Goddess Inanna as is seen in her literary works. She is said to have written about 50 hymns in her day and these were used during ritual and ceremony for 500 years after her death. During the reign of her brother Rimush, she is said to have had trouble with a man named Lugalanne who was intending to take over rule. She was then banished from her role as priestess and from the temple. She mourned this loss deeply as can be seen in her most famous poem "The Exaltation of Inanna". After this powerful poem was written her position in the temple was reinstated and Enheduanna is happy once more.

Below is The Exhaltation of Inanna translated by Dr. Annette Zgoll.:

Queen of all the me, too numerous to count, rising forth as resplendent light
Woman, most driven, clothed in frightening radiance, loved by An and Uras, 
An's nugig, you are above all the great SUHkese-breastplates, 
You, who love the right aga-crown, who is suited for the en-priest-hood,
Empowered with all of its all seven me.

My queen! You are the guardian of the great me!

You have uplifted the me,  
You have held the me in your hand.
You have gathered the me,  
You have clasped the me to your chest.

Like a dragon you cast venom upon the enemy land.

In the regions where you thundered like Iskur,
Asnan no longer exists because of you 
Flooding waters surge down on such an enemy land 
You are the supreme one in Heaven and Earth, 
You are their Inanna! 

For more on this ancient priestess check out : Enheduanna


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