Saturday, October 19, 2013

Samhain Magic, Dumb Supper

Many Samhain celebrations involve a Dumb Supper which is basically a meal honoring loved ones who have passed over. On Samhain the veil between worlds is thin and communication with the dead is possible. This is a great time to set up an ancestor shrine and speak with your loved ones once again. Many of us speak to them on a regular basis already but it is tradition to do so on Samhain.

For the Dumb Supper you may choose to have people over for dinner or even have a quiet meal by yourself. There are some requirements for a Dumb Supper such as setting up an ancestor shrine, not speaking during dinner and making a plate of food for your loved one. Although as with any other magical working feel free to get creative.

On your ancestor shrine have photos of your loved ones, family heirlooms, or anything your loved ones left behind or anything that reminds you of them. Also be sure to have candles, incense and sage on your shrine. If you have people over for dinner have them place mementos on the shrine as well.

For your dinner use only candles for light no electricity and smudge the area with sage. You may also wish to invite the Goddess to join the dinner as well. Once your altar and dinner table is set up you are ready to enjoy your meal! Make your plate of food and make a plate for your ancestors, now you may eat in silence. While you're eating remember the times you had with your loved ones who have passed.

Once you're through eating clean up the table and thank the Goddess for joining you. Now you may go to your altar and talk with your passed loved ones. You may wish to light some incense in their honor as well. Once everything is completed you may blow out the candles and turn on the lights. Write down your experience and pay attention to your dreams that night. Sometimes spirits communicate with us while we are sleeping.

Enjoy your dumb supper!


  1. Great Post, thought you might like my machinima animation Samhain Song,
    a celebration of this magical pagan festival
    Bright Blessings By Star & Stone ~


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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