Monday, June 17, 2013

Magic Monday, Love Spread

I found this tarot spread for love which answers the age old question, is he/she the one. It's also good for determining when true love will find you or if you are even in the right place in life for love. I have discovered that when reading the tarot, the cards will not reveal the answer to the question you seek if something in your life, or within yourself is blocking the way for this "answer" to happen. The layout of this spread is made with seven cards formed into a circle of sorts with one card in the middle.

As with any reading, shuffle your cards first and think of the question you want to ask. Then either fan out your deck and choose seven cards or cut your deck in half and pick seven cards from either pile. Pick each card and place them into the spread you see pictured. Now it's time to read and analyze your cards. Use the following list to decipher what each card stands for
  • First card represents if you will ever find true love
  • Second card represents if you will feel secure with this person
  • Third card represents if marriage is a possibility
  • Fourth card represents any similarities this lover will have with past lovers
  • Fifth card represents if commitment is a possibility
  • Sixth card represents if the love between you will last
  • Seventh card represents what to do to find this person

I hope this spread works well for all who try!

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