Monday, June 10, 2013

Magic Monday, Gris Gris Bags

Gris gris, pronounced gree gree, is a magical tool used to bring about different wishes/desires. The practice of making gris gris was brought to the states by Africans during the salve trade and is used in Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions. There are many different ingredients that go into a gris gris bag but there is no set definite number of things you can use. It is said that the minimum number of things to use is three but I have not seen any maximum number. These magical bags were popularized by the famous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau in New Orleans in the late 1700's. Her gris gris bags were said to be so powerful that even the mention of gris gris was feared.

To make gris gris you need pieces of fabric (enough to form a small bag) or an already made small bag, herbs, crystals, powders, oils, charms, bones, feathers, corresponding colors and any other magical inducing  items. They can be used for love, protection, healing, money, luck amongst other things. Once you have all your items ready, its time to make your bag. To empower the gris gris bag with its magical powers, a prayer or incantation must be said over it or the prayer can be written on a small piece of paper and put into the bag itself. There are different ways to go about this process such as drawing a magical symbol, or veve, to invoke a particular deity to empower your bag. You can choose to write your prayer with magical ink or dragons blood. There is really no concrete process to making gris gris so feel free to get creative.

Once your gris gris bag is complete and empowered, you may carry it, keep it in your car, house, purse or place it somewhere that is good for its magical powers to take affect. Be sure that wherever you do decide to keep your gris gris that its hidden from others as this will hinder its magic.

Enjoy making your powerful gris gris bags!

Picture courtesy of Voodoo New Orleans

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