Saturday, August 27, 2011

Book Review: Ode to Minoa

The book Ode to Minoa by Theresa C. Dintino, is a fascinating story of a snake priestess living in ancient Crete. The time when the Cretans were a Goddess worshiping people. I don't usually review fiction works on my blog, but this story was so wonderful that I just had to get the word out there! Theresa Dintino must have done her research because she portrays the lives of the Cretans as though she were there herself. In the book, everyone at some point in their life is chosen for a certain path, a path the goddess has chosen for them. The main character Aurellia, learns that she is chosen to become a snake priestess. There are also women who were chosen to be priestesses of the butterfly or the bee.

The story takes you on the life of this snake priestess. The process and the trials and tribulations she encounters on the way. The job of the snake priestess was to dance with the serpent and then be bitten. Immediately some of the venom is squeezed out, and then the priestess gives a prophecy. So basically, it seems the venom was a source for prophetic messages. There are many different Goddess like stories entwined with Aurellia. The cave where the child bearing women go. The cave where the menstruating women go to meditate. The entire community of ancient Crete in this story was involved with the Goddess in one way or another.

The people of this ancient land also swam with dolphins and revered them as wise creatures. There is so much great information in this story, that it makes you think. How great would life have been back in the days of ancient Crete, when everyone worshiped and respected the Goddess, and women. Theresa Dintino does an amazing job of bringing the story of ancient Crete to life in this fabulous book! It's a quick read (and very hard to put down) and you can even buy it used from amazon. Check out this wonderful story I highly recommend it. Please let me know what you think if you do end up reading it. Thank you Theresa Dintino for such an eye opening story of a once vibrant land!


  1. This looks like a fascinating read! I found it on Amazon, starting at 1 cent. Ya can't beat that price. It's a short book, coming in at 192 pages. That's probably a days read for me. Not bad.

    I added the book to my wish list. Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for a good read!


  2. I really have to pick this read up! Thanks so much for the heads up! It sort of reminds me of the Mists of Avalon?

    Many Blessings to You!

  3. Kim: Yea I got mine for 1 cent (with 3.99 for shipping) not too bad! :) It is a quick read, but I'm sure you'll like it. Blessings!

    AkasaWolfSong: It's not as involved at the Mists of Avalon, but just as mysterious and ancient feeling. Check it out! :) Blessings

  4. Thanks for posting! I'll seek this book out. I've just been revisiting Minoa on my own blog, so in the interest of synchronicity I've added a link to your review there at )Ode to Minoa does look like it goes to the heart of what fascinates me about Minoa. Of course there's Z Budapest's wonderful (now classic)children's book Selene: the most famous bull leaper on Earth ( before that, as a kid, I read some other novel that hooked me on Minoa and I wish I could remember its title.


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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