Saturday, August 13, 2011

Festival To Hekate, Lady of Storms

August 13th marks an ancient festival to Hekate. She was honored on this day as Lady of the Storms. In hopes that she would protect growing crops from being destroyed by fierce storms this time of year. People would leave offerings at crossroads for her on this day. Some researchers think this festival to Hekate actually stems from the ancient Roman festival, Nemoralia. Also known as the "Festival of Torches", this celebration was held on August 13 in honor of the Goddess Diana.

This year, her sacred day happens to fall on the full moon. For me it will be a day of honoring Hekate! First I will be assembling my altar until its to perfection, then my own personal ritual, and when the moon rises, I will go to beach to worship her under the light of the full moon. My husband will be also coming to watch the moonrise with me, although he will be there more so as my "bodyguard" rather than praying to my matron Goddess. Im so happy to have her great presence fill my whole day!

Here is my prayer I wrote in her honor for her sacred day:

Hekate, mistress of earth, sea and sky,
I pray to you on your sacred night,
Torches in your hands, flames burning bright.

Oh mighty crossroads Queen,

Reveal the great mysteries you've seen.

You who dwells in the shadow realms

Liminal lady, enchant us with your ancient spells.

Triple formed woman of the underworld,

Ancient mystic and guide,

Dogs bark and snakes slither devotingly at your side.

Great Enchantress of old,

I honor you on this full moon.

Enjoy honoring our Lady of the Storms and full moon blessings to everyone!

Photo courtesy : My personal altar


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to Hecate! I love what you wrote. I wish I could write poetry like that. I like your altar too! I notice the Wheel of Hecate in the background and your lovely crystal point too. Thanks for sharing a picture of your personal space.

    Enjoy this full moon and your ritual this evening. It's so sweet that hubby is coming with you to guard over you :)

    Many blessings....

  2. Thank you both! I actually painted the Hekates wheel tile :) I hope you enjoy your full moon! Thank you so much for the nice compliments Kim!

  3. Your tribute is wonderful and I love the prayer you wrote. So beautiful! Blessings to you and have a beautiful weekend.

  4. Thank you Mina! Full moon blessings to you!

  5. Beautiful prayer! Blessings on Her night! XO

  6. So wonderful, a beautiful prayer. I hope you had a magical celebration.
    Have a great day.


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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