Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giveaway! Custom Goddess Perfume Oil by Organic Brew!

This month, our giveaway comes to us from Kat at Organic Brew. She has generously donated a custom Goddess perfume oil! You pick the Goddess you want, and the bottle you want for your custom perfume, and Kat will make a magical blend to honor and invoke your deity! I had the chance to speak with Kat a little, here's what she had to say:

1. How long have you been crafting magical products?

I have been creating magickal products for about 10 years. I started as many do creating for family, friends, and clients. I have been a Tarot Reader for almost 20 years and began creating items to aid my clients with different issues and challenges they were facing. When my youngest daughter was diagnosed with asthma and allergies I began paying attention to the products I was using in my home. I was shocked at the amount of chemicals that were in the products I was using to clean my home. Here I was thinking that I was making my home clean for my family when in reality I was coating our everyday items and the air we were breathing with chemicals. There were not many quality organic products readily available at the time with affordable prices. I was already equipped with many supplies from creating magickal items so I just expanded my inventory so that I could begin creating organic products. I saw an immediate improvement in my daughters symptoms. After creating these items for my family, I began creating them for extended family and friends so they also could have a safer environment for their own families. I started the Organic Brew in 2010. I wanted to combine my pagan knowledge with my organic knowledge and thus the Organic Brew was born.

2.Do you have a favorite type of product that you make?
That is a tough question, I love all of my creations and take pride in everything I create. I do have to say that I love creating Perfume Oils. I have always been a perfume lover and before I realized the chemicals that were in perfumes I had an extensive collection. I always have a new “favorite” scent but one of my all time favorites is my Black Forest Unisex Perfume Oil Blend. It is a woodsy blend with notes of spice. I never fail to get compliments when I wear it.

3. Please explain the product you are giving away.
The product I will be offering for the giveaway is a Custom Created Organic Alchemy Goddess Oil. The winner can choose which Goddess she would like her oil based on and I will create a blend specifically for that Goddess. The winner can also choose which bottle they would like their oil to come in. I will take into account any likes or dislike of specific scents to create a blend the winner will love wearing. The Organic Brew's Organic Alchemy Oil Line is a line of the finest quality essential oils blended into a vitamin e and calendula infused carrier oil. No alcohol, chemicals, or cheap fillers are used in any of The Organic Brew's Organic Alchemy Line! These quality ingredients cause the scent to last longer. The oils are absorbed into your skin, they do not just sit on the skin surface.

Ok everyone, now for the rules. Go to Kats shop, find a product that you like, and come back here to comment on it. In your comment, you must also include the Goddess you would like, and the bottle of your choice (pick from the three pictured above). For an extra entry, follow Kat on her blog or her facebook page. For even more extra credit, follow this blog. Thanks to Kat for donating her uniquely Goddess inspired perfume oil! Have fun playing!


  1. Ooh fun! I really liked the idea of Goddess Abundantia's Prosperity Oil for Drawing Financial Success and Luck. And think it would be neat to have a perfume based on that Goddess. Also I like the rounder bottle in the bottom picture. I hope I win! :) I'm following Kat on her blog and facebook now. Her blog looks way interesting, I can't wait to find time to read more of it. Thanks!

  2. I love the various Cell phone/zipper charms. They are so gorgeous!

    I'm currently following this blog, and now Kat's blog which looks very interesting and awesome.

    I would like the rounder bottle at the bottom with a perfume oil highlighting Athena ( just had a strangely profound experience whilst trying to decide which goddess to highlight.) Athena it is!

  3. Yeah give-away time! :)

    I like the wild crafted apple branches in Kat's shop! Apple is one of my favorite trees. The fruit is delicious and the blossoms are gorgeous. There are no apple trees in my area.

    I'm following Kat's blog and I already follow Love of the Goddess. I like the round bottle at the bottom and my goddess is Isis....

    Good luck to all! :)

  4. Already follow your blog, and now following Organic Brew and have liked her on facebook!

    My favourite item on her shop, which is now part of my favourites on etsy, would have to be the Amethyst and Clear Quartz Willow Wand
    So beautiful!!

    As for the prize I love flowery perfumes, especially lilac and lavender and would love something inspired by Gaia. I'm not really picky about the bottles, but the one at the bottom of the three would be my favourite I suppose.


  5. She has many things that caught my eye, but the first to catch my eye was the Aphrodite Bath Tea. Would like to give that a try! The chakra balancing perfume oil also caught my eye as well as the Abundantia prosperity drawing perfume oil. I think we're all needing that right now!

    Should I win, I would most enjoy a perfume oil dedicated to Aphrodite in the standard round bottle pictured at the bottom of the picture.

    Many thanks!

  6. Great giveaway! I love the Fairy Grove Magickal Globe - very pretty and would look lovely hanging in one of my windows.
    My goddess - Hekate. The third bottle would be my choice.

  7. I enjoyed Kat's interview and checking out Organic Brew. I agree about using natural products for a healthier home.
    I like the Love Ointment for Invoking Love and Romance because all you need is love..also Dragon's Blood in anything is wonderful!!
    I would love a perfume inspired by the sun goddess Bast. A blend of sun goddess and moon goddess Luna would be magical too :)
    I think the second bottle on the top is cute

    i am following Kat's Blog and Love Of The Goddess blog

    cyclona66 at aol dot com

  8. I like the tree of life car charm.I also like the rosewood oil for aromatherapy and skin care.

    I added her shop to my faves

    I am a follower of this blog

    I would like a mix inspired by the goddess Demeter. I am really loving that it is spring!!! I dont have a preference on bottles. It really doesnt matter.

  9. I really love the Tuatha De' Danann amulet! I work with Lugh as my patron god and have always loved the stories and tales about them.

    If I win, I'd love to have an oil based around Hekate in the 3rd bottle.

  10. Thank you so much for promoting my shop with this giveaway! I am having so much fun reading the comments and I really look forward to working with the winner to create the perfect Goddess Scent for them. Good Luck to all who enter!

  11. I have now found a new place to spend my extra money! What an awesome store, one thing that caught my attention was the Blessed Brigid Goddess herbal vial pendant. For the Goddess I liked Aradia's Empowerment and I like the square/rectangle bottle. With perfumes I tend to wear spicy ones or musk like I have a lotion I really like that is called Red Egyptian Musk love it! I am now following this blog, her blog, and her Facebook. I will be back with money lol!

  12. Goddess!!! I'm glad you are here! I love your blog! will follow you! Nice gifts.Lotions and potions Oh my! The is a any time witches dreams!! I hope I win! .Blessed be.

  13. The organic alchemy healing oil looks great.

    I like the round bottle on the bottom. And I like Amaterasu.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. It's amazing the wonderful blogs you can find while buzzing around facebook! Happy to find yours today!

    I visited Kat's shop and have to say it was a very difficult decision to name just one! So I won't! LOL! I liked the 'Business Success' oil and the 'Organic Alchemy Carpet Freshner for Peace and Harmony'. Both products would be welcome in my home! I've also added Kat's store to my favorites . . . another great place to spend, spend, spend!

    I've also become a follower of both your and Kat's blogs - they're wonderful and full of information.

    The Goddess I would chose is 'Isis' and I would like the bottle sitting on the stone by the creek.

    Thanks for bringing us this great give-away and thanks to Kat as well.

    Blessed Be,

  15. In the blog's picture I saw a perfume called Organic Brew's Iconic Women Line "Stevie" and I checked it out on the shop site on Etsy. It's about TIME someone made an oil for the witchiest lady in rock! Also, from the description, it sounds like a wonderful product. I hope I get the chance to try it out!
    But if I truly had to pick a Goddess, it's going to be Hekate!

  16. Wow ! I love perfume but i cant use it due to energy :-(


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