Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Goddess and the Bird

The Goddess has been associated with the bird since the beginning of time. In Paleolithic and Neolithic times, there were many known bird Goddesses. It seems the bird may have been an especially revered animal. In the ancient city of Catal Huyuk, the vulture was said to be a powerful and spiritual creature. Wall paintings from some of the houses suggest possible excarnation, although it is said no actual evidence of this practice has been found. Large vultures with wings spread wide fly down to earth towards the people, painted in colors of black and red on white walls. It seems as though the vulture may have been looked at as some kind of great spirit, possibly representing death. The symbolism of the vulture swooping down to earth to take back what's her's, similar to thinking of where we go upon death, essentially back to the earth, back to our Mother.

Other cultures had figures of woman with bird heads, cave paintings of people wearing bird masks in ritual fashion, among many other bird related symbols. Such as the Vinca culture in southeastern Europe. Here, figurines were found that might look like a bird but would have breasts, others might have wings and a birds body, but have a womens head. In the book, Lady of the Beasts by Buffie Johnson, she says that the bird was thought to magically command the weather. This is because they inhabited the upper air where weather originates. Symbolism of the bird was used in rituals, where people would dress up with feathers, beaks and wings. It was thought that the person wearing the birds costume, would magically absorb the birds wisdom and power.

Since the bird lays eggs, and little chicks hatch from eggs, the bird also was seen as a symbol of fertility, and rebirth. In a cave in Merl, France, paintings were found on the walls, of pregnant women with a bird like head and winglike arms, suggesting the connection to birds and the Mother Goddess. Marija Gimbutas suggested that the Bird Goddess of old was seen as the Great Cosmic Creatrix.

Listening to the song of the bird immediately puts me in a trance. It connects me with that primordial energy of creation and life. The ancient coo of the dove reminds me of the voice of the Goddess. The best time for me to experience the primal energy of the bird, is in the early morning before the sun comes up. When all the animals start to stir, and the birds start their song. There is a light breeze and you can still see dew on the leaves and flowers. When the sun has not yet risen but it is light out. That is my time to connect with the bird. To feel the ancient female energy. Listen to their call and let it take you back to before, when our world was a much more sacred place, when we worshiped our earth and were connected to it and all its beautiful creatures. Let it remind you. Feel the song of the bird running through your body, take it all in. Meditate a little on your experience, and make sure to write everything down.

The more we connect with nature, the closer we become with our Great Mother. She can teach us all we need to know, to grow and learn.

Enjoy connecting with the ancient energy of the bird!

For more info, check out Lady of the Beasts by Buffie Johnson

Photo courtesy of Susan Seddon-Boulet


  1. I love your description of listening to bird song. Hearing the soft, lulling coo of a mourning dove can put me in a trance too. I also like the sound of a crow on a cool autumn morning and the gentle call of the northern cardinal on a warm spring day.

    This was a great post and how birds have long been associated with the Goddess. I really enjoyed reading it. It made me think of the ancient Egyptian Vulture Goddess: Nekhbet.

    Hugs XXX

  2. Would love to link blog's I have the blog related to the Goddess Sekhmet at


  3. Thanks for sharing this! Birds are a big part of my life, craft, and artwork. I love the magical moment before dawn when all is silent, than it seems birds burst into song simultaneously to welcome the day! Blessings.

  4. While studing and learning the Craft on my Year and a Day journey, I was learning to get in touch with Spirit and Nature. Following S. Ravenwolf's book HedgeWitch, she suggested we begin to look with our "witchy eyes" and Spirit would be made known to us. With this thought in mind,I came a cross a book at the book store in the $2. discount bin. It was The Secret of Birds, A Treasury of Myths, Folklore and Inspiritional True Stories.
    In it I found this quote" Feathers..are a way of receivng affirmation and acknowlegement that the Spirit is not a figment of the imagination. Feathers are a physical manifestation of the Spirit that connects us all.
    I was amazed because while taking my nightly evening walks around my neighborhood I had begun to find feathers everywhere: Robin, Bluejay, Dove, A Hawk and Best of all an Owl Feather.
    My journey continues. Thank you for this lovely post.

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