Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Ancient Symbol of the Spiral

The spiral is an ancient symbol that has been used since the beginning of time in many different cultures around the world. Different variations of the spiral, have been found in the British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia, Greece and even in the America's. The meaning of this ancient symbol has been up for debate, and while each definition is a little different, the core meaning of this symbol remains the same. Basically representing the spiral of life, the cycles of nature, the cycles of life, and so on.

The triple spiral pictured here, was found carved on the stones of Newgrange, a neolithic passage tomb in Ireland. This particular spiral is said to represent the threefold Goddess and the cycles of life. Another similar triple spiral called the triskele, was used in Europe as well as in the America's by the Hopi Indians. This spiral represents the cycles of life within the three fold, or the three spheres of the material world, such as land, sky and sea.

While in Ireland, I got the pleasure of seeing these beautiful triple spirals carved on the walls of Newgrange. At the entrance to this massive passage tomb, lie three huge smoothed rocks, each of these have triple spirals carved all over them. Some of these carvings are starting to fade sadly. Inside the tomb, they are carved randomly throughout, there are not as many inside as there are on the rocks out front. I also saw some spirals carved in a few other ancient places throughout Ireland.

What I find most interesting about this sacred symbol, is that many different cultures around the world used it. How did all of these ancient cultures use a very similar symbol with almost the same meaning? Could it be possible that the Hopi Indians in North American came into contact with the neolitic Europeans? I would tend to think not, but anything is ultimately possible. I guess we will leave that up to the archaeologists and anthropologists among us to figure out.

For more information about the ancient symbol of the spiral, check out :

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  1. I liken the showing up of the symbology in different parts of the world to the collective mind. I just read an interesting article over at my Sister's can get there thru my certainly speaks of what you write here today.
    Great Post! I love things that make us stretch our minds!
    Many Blessings Dear One!
    Mitakuye Oyasin

  2. Thank you! I will check out your sisters blog.

    Blessings )O(

  3. i love the spiral; i just bought some purple couches with spirals all over them! ♥ )O(

  4. Lovely and interesting post! When I lived on the Isle of Man, the triskellion popped up everywhere and is on the island's flag

  5. Experience the temple sites on Malta especially the Tarxien temple to be intrigued with all the spirals. See my novel: Islands of Dream to discover the mysteries of the Altantean temples on Malta.

  6. Gee.
    I have seen a similar symbol in my many times. the difference is that there are only two spirals, one is blank while the other has smaller spirals. what does that mean?

  7. you seem knowledgeable on the subject, do you know the celtic pronunciation of the goddess of the underworld, Rhiannon of the little birds? thanks,
    the Lord of the Sidh


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