Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Charging a Protective Pentagram for your Home

The pentagram, often misunderstood, is an ancient symbol of protection. Part of being a witch and practicing magic, involves protecting yourself. It will help keep away negative energy from you and your home. I have this great book titled : The Witches Craft by Raven Grimassi, and there is a little pentagram protection spell, to protect your home in it that I thought I would share.
To prepare a home protection pentagram, begin in the night of the full moon, place the pentagram on your altar along with a cup of water. Light a small white candle*, now suspend your pentagram over the candle* with a chain. Take your athame or wand, and trace the star pattern, then trace the circle. Next, dip the pentagram into the cup of water, then hold the amulet in your left hand, and with the tip of the athame point at the center of the pentagram say:

I call upon the source of all power to empower this
pentagram as
a protection against all
that is evil, negative or unbalanced.

Again suspend the pentagram over the flame and say:

I call upon the guardians of the north, east, south and west,

to empower this pentagram, lending your force against
all that
is evil, negative or unbalanced.

Dip the pentagram in the cup of water again, and then lay it upon the altar. Complete the charge by placing the tip of the athame on the center of the pentagram and say:

I bind here, by all of these powers and forces, this unyielding
pentagram of protection, that in the presence of this pentagram,
no evil thing may approach or enter in.

No you may hang your pentagram over the door to your house, or bedroom, or wherever you see fit. Check out the rest of this book for other spells and ideas.

*In the book, instead of a small white candle it calls for a metal cup with flammable liquid, thought I should mention that, but I dont necessarily agree with it, so I changed it to fit my needs.

Blessings )O(

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