Thursday, March 3, 2016

Goddess Mandala Coloring Ritual

Engaging in a creative act is a great way to honor your deity.  

Being in tune with your creative self is a wonderful form of self expression. Creativity expresses us as who we are at our core. The Goddess loves to have us connecting with our creative selves because that is when we are at our most truest form. And as priestesses we are always on a mission to not only know our Goddesses but to also know ourselves. 

The Goddess mandala coloring ritual is something you can use to honor your deity creatively and give her a unique offering. 

For my personal ritual I chose to honor the Goddess Hekate because as many of you know, I am her priestess. To begin your ritual first choose a Goddess you would like to honor. Or if you just want to honor the divine feminine in a general sense that is fine too. Now choose a mandala from my shop that you want to color and give as an offering to your Goddess.  You can choose to get a mandala of your particular Goddess or you can choose from some of the more general goddesses as well. If you do not see your particular Goddess please contact me and I can create a custom one for you. I am always adding new Goddesses but I don't have all of them quite yet. 

Now that you have chosen your mandala, print it out, choose your colors and set up everything at your altar. 

Light some candles, incense and a smudge stick to cleanse your area. Also cleanse the mandala and infuse it with your energies. Make sure to ground and center yourself and then call on your Goddess. Ask her to lend you some of her energy to help you create this offering in her honor. Meditate with her energy for a few minutes. Absorb yourself in the moment and take your time. Really feel and connect with her energy. Once you feel ready, thank her for her assistance and come out of your meditation with a few deep cleansing breaths. 

Now you can start to color in your mandala!

You can choose to stay at your altar and color or you can set up wherever you feel comfortable. Take your time coloring. It's ok if you don't finish coloring it that same day. Take a few days or longer if you need. When you are done with her, offer it to your Goddess and place it on your altar. These mandalas look great in a frame and placed on your altar with some flowers and candles. You can perform this ritual anytime you color a new mandala as well. 

Please send me pictures of your mandalas once you've colored them! 

I would love to see them! I also like to share them in the Facebook page to inspire others.  

So, which Goddess did you choose to do your ritual for?

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