Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why it's Important to find your Creative Purpose

Saraswati, Goddess of the Arts and Creativity

We are all creative in some form or another. Some forms of creativity are not as obvious as others but it's still creativity. When we are in touch with our creative selves we are also inadvertently in touch with our feminine selves. As women we are the great creators of life (whether we have actually created life or not). We have the creative power within us. And birthing something new and creative can also be a painful and drawn out process.

When we are creating something we are essentially reaching into the depths of our souls to bring about something inside of us. We must get it out into the world and out of ourselves. When we are in the process of creating we are in a trance-like state and laser focused on what we are birthing. We can include creativity into our spirituality by calling on our deities to assist us or guide us in our creative endeavors. We can ask our goddess for help if the creation process becomes to much for us to handle.

Creativity comes in many forms. The obvious ones would be artistry of any kind, writing, painting, drawing, crafting, sewing, music, cooking, acting. But if we think about it there is creativity in many things. Cleaning, organizing, planning and finding creative ways to work and live. Over the years, since I am a very creative person myself, I've had various people say things to me like "I don't have a creative or artistic bone in my body." And I guess that depends on what you personally consider to be creative or artistic. But if we really think about it, almost everything we do can be construed as being creative.

To be in touch with our creative side is to be connected to our soul. We all have this thing inside of us that needs to get out. We all have our own special creative juices flowing inside of us. If you are not sure what your special blend of creativity is then I suggest asking your deity to show it to you. Sit down in front of your altar, light some candles and incense and meditate for a few minutes. Then call on your goddess and ask her to show you what your creative purpose is. Thank her, leave a small offering and move on with your day.

You can also grab a notebook and a pen and think about the things you've experienced and accomplished so far in your life. Write them all down and then go back over then and try to find the creativity behind each event. Maybe your creativity came about after something tragic happened like losing your job. Maybe you had to scramble to come up with a way to find work. And maybe you did find a new job or other way to make ends meet. Try to think about how you made that happen. What happens in your mind or in your body that helped you to get through it?

Sometimes our creativity comes out during certain circumstances in our lives and that's when it works best for us. For example, if you did have to come up with a new way to make money quickly and you accomplished that then maybe it means your creativity comes out when you are under pressure. Or maybe you've noticed that when you're stressed out your creativity is blocked. Although after you meditate and take a day off you feel more creative then ever. We are all different and our minds and bodies all work differently so we need to find out how these things uniquely work for us. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are not creative if you are not an artist or a poet, it means that you have a different creative purpose and a different way of bringing that to fruition.

So, do you know what your creative purpose is?

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