Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dark Goddess, Dark Moon

For about three days in the moons cycle, she is hidden from our view in the night sky, this phase is known as the dark moon. It is a time of letting go, honoring dark Goddesses, and preparing for rebirth at the time of the new moon. A time of cleansing the self of negativities, letting go of things that hinder you, and recognizing the darker sides of our own lives. In the ancient world, the calendar revolved around the lunar cycle. The dark moon was the end of the month, and the new moon was the beginning of the new month.

The Greek calendar was one of this kind. The Goddess Hekate, was worshiped on the dark moon, this ritual was known as deipnon. They prayed to her for cleansing themselves of any darkness, they cleaned their homes and made food offerings to her at a crossroads which were known as Hekate Suppers. Offerings consisted of fish, garlic, cheesecake, eggs among many other things. She is a great Goddess to honor on the dark moon.

The Norse Goddess Hel is also a dark Goddess, called upon on the dark moon. She represents death as she is Queen of Underworld in Norse mythology. Her body was said to be half dead and half alive representing the balance in life. Of light and dark, those sides of ourselves, and our lives. Hel's role in the Underworld is to decide the fate of the souls entering her realm. She can grant rebirth, but can also damn you to the depths of Helheim, her Kingdom. She can help you to shed the old, and prepare for rebirth, if you are ready for it.

Kali, the Hindu Goddess of time and change, can also be called upon on the dark moon. She represents the death of the ego, and through that, spiritual enlightenment. She also symbolizes and helps to initiate change. Whether your going through a life change, or about to, she can help you to experience this with her guidance.

The dark moon embodies a chance to star over. To cleanse oneself, and be reborn in a sense at the new moon. Our lives flow in unison with the cycles of the moon. It can be bight and full, and then become dark and unseen. Just like the balance of light and dark in our own lives, and in nature. There cannot be light without the dark.

Wishing you all a blessed dark moon or deipnon if you honor Hekate!

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  1. I'm definitely channeling some dark goddess energy this dark moon. Thank you for another beautiful post.

  2. Thanx for honouring our sacred moon!...
    There are many omens related to the moon, I like those related to the time a baby is newly born and the relations with the weather... like the double halo round her which denotes an inevitable storm. I love to rest by the moon! though there is a superstition that says that a very long time exposure can turn you mad or blind... luckily it never happened to me yet! =:o).
    Dark Moon is powerfull indeed... it initiate the Balsamic period...very usefull for prophecy works and to reconciliate with our angers and passions...
    Merry Dark Moon Blessings to you all!


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