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Boudicca, Celtic Warrior Queen of the Iceni

Boudicca was the famous Queen of the Iceni tribe in Britain who led the uprising against the Romans. It was thought by some Roman historians that she came from royal decent. She was wife to Prasutagus, who was leader of the tribe, and still held some of his influence as a Celtic King after Rome invaded Britain. The Romans invaded Britain in about 43 C.E., although they still allowed some Celtic Kings a little power. When Prasutagus died, he left is kingdom to his wife and daughters in his will, and upon his death, his will was ignored by the Romans. They came to Boudicca, flogged her and raped her daughters, and took total control over the Iceni land. It was after this that she raised an army and led a revolt against the Romans.

Her army was said to be quite large, about 100,000 or so. They attacked Camulodunum, which is now known as Colchester, first and drove out and slaughtered the Romans. They then went on the Londinium, modern day London, where the Romans fled and abandoned the city for fear of their lives. Boudicca and her army consequently burned down the entire city. Her army was claiming victory for a while, slaughtering the Romans and defeating they're armies one by one. So much so, that the emperor Nero was planning to withdraw his troops from Britain. Until, at the hands of Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, a Roman general, her army was defeated. Boudicca's death is still somewhat of a mystery. Tacitus, a Roman historian, claims that she poisoned herself. Although Cassius Dio, another Roman historian, mentions nothing of suicide, and claims that she fell ill, died and was given a lavish ceremony.

Her name is also a mystery, as it translates to mean victory or victorious. Some scholars and historians have suggested, that she could have also been seen, as a divine personification of a Warrior Goddess herself. She was said to call upon the Warrior Goddesses Andrasta, Badb and The Morrigan. Boudicca was said to invoke the Goddess Andrasta while fighting against the Roman invasion of Britain. According to Dio Cassius, these were her words:

"I thank thee, Andraste, and call upon thee as woman speaking to woman... those over whom I rule are Britons, men that know not how to till the soil or ply a trade, but are thoroughly versed in the art of war and hold all things in common, even children and wives, so that the latter possess the same valour as the men. As the queen, then, of such men and of such women, I supplicate and pray thee for victory, preservation of life, and liberty against men insolent, unjust, insatiable, impious." - Dio Cassius

Boudicca, the strong and courageous warrior queen, is a legend and a hero. An ambitious woman to be admired. A woman who was not about to allow a foreign culture to humiliate her and take over her land. She and her army actually came remarkably close to defeating the Romans. History would have been much different. She is an inspiration to women and men alike. To stand up and fight for what you believe in, and for your freedom, is a very brave and bold act.

Boudicca gives us the courage to call on the Warrior Goddesses when we fight the battle of our own lives. Just like she did.


  1. Oh I did enjoy this post. I knew little about this well known warrior woman and it was a pleasure to read and learn about her.

  2. I've read some of this Warrior Goddesses feats...and truth be know I adore these types of Goddesses. They give me strength and backbone to keep pushing forward, most especially on my shadow days.

    Thanks Tara for a great post today! :)
    Blessings of Peace and Love,

  3. Oddly enough, I just mentioned Boudicca in an email yesterday (it made sense in context), and I so needed to read this today. Thank you.

  4. I already knew a little of her story but its good to refresh my memory. She certainly is an inspiration for all women.

  5. Im glad you all enjoyed reading about Boudicca! It always nice to honor the powerful women that came before us.

  6. Syncronicity. Boudicca's name was familiar to me but I knew nothing about her. And here she is speaking to me though you. Our mother queens & goddesses always appear when we need what they can grace us with.

  7. I am an aspiring MMA fighter. My husband is my coach. He gave me the name Celtic Queen so I did a search for Celtic Queens on google. I came across this post. My name is also Tara. This post proved to me that my husband was unknowingly on the right path with the nick name. :)

  8. I love Enya's album, the Celts and Boadicea has been one of my favorite songs. I had never looked into what the word meant... Until today, when I most needed strength... Thank you for this beautiful blog.

  9. I'm reading a book right now about her. Such a shame history neglects some of the greatest events in favor of promoting a different agenda. Come back and blog some more! I love your posts!


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