Thursday, March 29, 2012

Giveaway from The House Of Eleggua

This giveaway comes to us from Carolina Gonzalez, owner of The House Of Eleggua, artist and creator of magical and mystical products. In honor of Spring, she has graciously donated a print of her drawing of the Goddess Flora. Many of you, I'm sure, already know of her work, we had actually did a giveaway together some months back for a beautiful print of the Goddess Hekate! Here's what Carolina had to say about herself and the gorgeous print she's giving away:

1. Please tell us a little about your magical business.

I have been a self-employed Witch and Artisan since my early twenties, attending local customers; on February 2009, my husband was made unemployed suddenly, and we decided to open The Hoodoo Shop at Etsy, a business devoted to offer our spiritual and creative services worldwide. We are focused on African-origin religions like Santeria, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Umbanda and Candomble, but we serve Pagans of all paths, as many of our customers have mixed pantheons as we do ourselves.

Our work covers three main areas; Tarot and Spell work services, devotional artwork and spiritual supplies. We are highly focused on offering a completely handmade, unique range of items - and we are very proud to say that the response of Etsy's customers has been beyond all our expectations! We have recently passed 2150 sales and 282.000 visits on our blog – we are truly thankful that our view of spirituality is shared with so many awesome people around the world.

We have recently opened our own website, which unites all our services into one address, making it much easier for our customers and readers to access our products. Also, we have created the House Of Eleggua Temple, which is focused on offering free healing services for those less fortunate on our community, and free educational services to our readers worldwide, sharing our knowledge of African religions in a loving, open way, far from fear and prejudices.

3. Please explain the item you are giving away.
House Of Eleggua is giving away a 4x6 inches print of Flora, a drawing made by House Of Eleggua's owner, Carolina Gonzalez. The original drawing was made in ink and colour pencils on fine arts paper, and was the cover of January 2012's issue of The Essential Herbal magazine. The print has been professionally made in high quality, acid-free photographic paper.

Flora, Goddess of Spring, enjoys the scent of a rose while standing on a heart-shaped wreath of flowers and herbs. The rose is the holiest flower for many spiritual paths, and a symbol of divinity and sensuality. A little bit of the abundance and beauty of Spring, to be enjoyed on every season, as Flora is an archetype of rebirth, renewal and inner growth.

Now to enter the giveaway, go to Carolina's shop, find a product or two that you like and come back here to comment on them. Please make sure to leave your contact info in case you win! I choose the winner randomly at, and the winner will be announced in one week. Thank you to Carolina for donating her beautiful print for this giveaway! Happy entering and good luck!


  1. OMG....what a wonderful site! I love so much there and will go back to shop! I loved the Horned God picture. The powerful energy flowed out of it! I hope I get to win! Love and Light! Angelique
    ( is my email address

  2. I love Carolina'shop <3 I already am a customer (on Etsy :p). Love her artwork! The Reliquary Box IV - Santa Muerte is one of my favorite product. :)
    ps: Thnk you Carolina for this giveaway!!
    email: sarasvatya(@)

  3. Fabulous site, what to choose as my favourite? hmm....I'm a bit partial to a horned god :-D

  4. What a wonderful and diverse selection! I think my favorite is the King of the Wilderness antlered deer print. My email is AT

    Thank you for introducing us to such wonderful talent! I've bookmarked her store. :)

  5. I've always been a big fan of this shop! :D My favorite item currently at her shop is the At Her Feet Incense Pellets.

    My email is uraniaheavensmuse (@)

    Thank you for the oppertunity!


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