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Maeve, Celtic Warrior Goddess of Intoxication

Maeve is a warrior Goddess of Ireland. She was said to have been worshiped at the ancient mystical site of Tara. Her name is translated to mean "intoxicated woman", as she is associated with intoxication by different substances, such as mead and mind altering herbs. She is also a Goddess of sovereignty, fertility, personal power and of the earth. It is said that the ancient kings of Ireland married the Goddess when they took their place if power. She would bestow her gifts upon them, and they could claim their sovereignty over the land. They would hold great feasts where mead was drunk in her honor.

Maeve was known to be quite a promiscuous Goddess. Legends say that she claimed to have slept with 30 men in one night! And she was said to have had many lovers. What I find interesting, is that most all of Celtic folklore and beliefs were passed down by word of mouth for many many years. Until they were Christianized, and Christian scribes started recording all of the Celtic myths and legends. So the fact that much of the Irish myths were recorded by Christians, who were trying to convert people, could mean that some of the stories were re-worded to be in the favor of the new religion. So I guess we will never truly know for sure, all the actual attributes, of a Goddess like Maeve. What we do know is that she was a very powerful, beautiful and intoxicating Goddess of Celtic Ireland.

Maeve fought in the famous "Cattle Raid of Cooley". Where her and her men were fighting for ownership of the magic Brown Bull of Cooley. All of her men end of getting slaughtered by the great hero CuChulain, and her magic Bull ends up getting attacked by another Bull, and dies. Even though Maeve lost the battle, she accepts what she has been given, and moves on with her life. She does not dwell in the negative aspects, and moves forward always being in the present moment. She teaches us to do the same in our life. To not makes excuses for why certain things happen, learn to accept things for the way they are and move on strong and true. Maeve is a confident and strong warrior Goddess who tells us to accept ourselves the way we are. To become a warrior in our own life. She was seen as so powerful and important in ancient Ireland, that battle would stop while she was menstruating. She celebrates and honors her moon time and encourages us as women to do the same.

Call on Maeve when you need help accepting responsibility for yourself and your actions. Or call on her for strength, power and sexual acts. She can bring passion to anything sexual and intoxicating. Let Maeve remind you to always be in the present moment, and not to dwell in the past or future. On your altar to Maeve have colors of red, to represent the moonblood. She is also associated with herbs like yew, coltsfoot and hemp. If you are inclined or permitted to do so, have mead or wine on your altar. Also a crow feather or representation of a bull as she was associated with both. Enjoy working with this sexually intoxicating warrior Goddess of Ireland!

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  1. I had never read about Maeve before in quite this way. This was quite a treat. Thanks, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I was just reading about this lusty Goddess last week!

  3. Hi there, i just started following you blog last week. so i was delighted to see you post about Maeve! I am hoping to visit knocknarea, sligo this summer, the supposed burial place of Maeve.look forward to you posts!

  4. This was a great and informative post! Thank you!

  5. im from ireland and never herad of this goddess she very intresting she was like a rebal goddess

  6. I so enjoyed this post as Maeve is a prominent Goddess in my court. This is the first entry of yours I have seen and I so hope you've continued writing and sharing and I wish you well on your spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing and educating!

  7. It shows how ancient beliefs have been suppressed if someone from Ireland has not heard of her. She and Morrighan are strong women


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