Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ostara, Spring Festival of Fertility

Today marks the first day of Spring, when the days start to grow long, and the night's short. This is the time for rebirth and renewal where we celebrate the fertility of the earth. When we sow our seeds of inspiration for our goals and dreams. We've spent time working on our inner selves during the long winter. Now its time to open ourselves up to the abundance of Spring and experience our own form of rebirth.

At Ostara, or the Spring equinox, we honor the Goddess Persephone, and her yearly trip from the underworld back to the earth. When she returns to her mother Demeter and our world is bright and fertile again. We also honor the Goddess Eostre, Germanic Goddess of the dawn. She was celebrated at sunrise to symbolize the suns rebirth.

This is the time of year where we walk the sacred labyrinth to find balance in our lives. The labyrinth helps us to get to our center and the root of any issues we are facing. Since Ostara is a time for balance and regeneration, its a good time to "clean house" so to speak, and clear up any issues that are plaguing you. You can make a labyrinth using many different things, depending on whether or not you want a permanent one. For a non permanent labyrinth, you can use flour, salt, seeds, anything that you can easily clean up afterwards. I made a permanent labyrinth last year, that I painted on a big bed sheet. I've added little things to it over the last year to personalize it. Instructions on how to make a labyrinth are here: How to make a labryinth , I would recommend making the seven circuit labryinth.

Another way to celebrate Ostara, is to make painted eggs which symbolize the fertility of the season. You can paint hard boiled eggs with your children for a kid friendly activity. Bless your eggs during your Ostara ritual, and eat them after to absorb the energy of Spring. You can also start a little herb garden. Bless your seeds during your Ostara ritual and empower them with your goals and dreams. When you plant them, you can watch your plants grow as well as the energies you empowered them with.

On your altar for Ostara, have candle colors in yellows, purples, pinks and greens, crystals of the same color, A representation of the fertility of Spring, such as eggs, seeds, or a small statue of a hare. You could also have a statue of the Goddesses Persephone, Eostre, Blodeuwedd or any other Spring Goddess. Have Spring flowers and Ostara incense as well.

I hope you all have a lovely Ostara and an abundant Spring season!

Photo courtesy of Wendy Andrews beautiful art

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  1. Happy Ostara!

    I love dying eggs all the pretty pastel colors, and thanks for the labryinth link. I booked-marked that to read a little bit later this evening. It looks interesting. :)


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