Thursday, September 30, 2010

Giveaway! Samhain Ritual Oil from Witchcrafts.

This month, we are having our giveaway in honor of Samhain. To celebrate this darkening point of the year, Lori the owner of Witchcrafts, has donated one of her Dark Harvest Samhain ritual oils, to be our giveaway item! I had the chance to speak with Lori, here's what she had to say:

1. How long have you been crafting magical products?
Since about 2006 (for my own use primarily), and on Etsy since 2009.

2. How did you go about starting your business?
I created a shoppe banner, made a few magical items, and just did it. My shoppe is more like a hobby than a full-fledged business (in terms of making a living from my craftwork), although I'd really like to develop my shoppe as a small business. I love Witchcraft. I love craftwork. This is why I do it. I'm following my Bliss. I'd never want WITCHCRAFTS to turn into something mechanical and magicless. If it did, I'd have to close down or scale down because I'm not willing to sacrifice my joy and my bliss. I'd rather have a day job and continue doing this as a hobby instead.

3. What is your favorite product that you make?

My favorite products are my silk sari witches' ladders and new magical soy candle lines. I'm officially a chandler now - a dream of mine come true. My handmade hand poured candles are all made with premium certified kosher American-farmer grown soy wax. They are also very magically focused, potent and chock full of mystically enchanting goodies - for example, my Hekate Liminal Rites candle contains genuine wolfsbane, yew, mandrake-mandragora and many other botanicals sacred to Hekate - there is no skimping on the magical ingredients in any of them. My customers have written to me "the energy you imbibe is palpable," and "I have always wanted to honor the Fae, but have never found anything that felt 'right' [until coming across my Bendith y Sidhe magical pillar]. This too, is why I created my shoppe and offer the products I do - to share my love of the Craft and to hopefully touch the Bliss of other witches, pagans and occultists.

4. Can you tell us a little about the product your giving away?

Dark Harvest Samhain ritual oil grew out of my study of and pathworking with entheobotanicals. This blend contains wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) which, to produce chemically psychoactive effects, is usually ritually smoked or prepared as a liqueur. Wormwood is used in this Samhain ritual oil for it's magical effects (calling spirits, for example), which are closely related to it's psychoactive effects. This entheobotanical combined with the other dark ingredients led me to magically name this ritual oil DARK HARVEST.

Rules to enter the giveaway are as follows: Go to Witchcrafts, find a product (or products) that you like and comment on it here. The giveaway will last for one week, and then the winner will be announced. I will choose the winner randomly at Please make sure and add contact info as well to your entry in the giveaway.

I would like to thank Lori at Witchcrafts for donating her beautiful Samhain ritual oil! I am so excited to showcase her magically unique products here! Thank you to everyone who enters! Have fun playing!

Blessings )O(


  1. This site is amazing! I love all the Hekate items as she is my patron. My favorite product would be the Hecate amulet. Thank you for showcasing her work and the giveaway!

  2. Everything is beautiful. I especially love the handfasting cords, can't pick just one.

  3. I have been following Lori for a few years now on Live journal, and she has inspired me to follow my inner longing for witchcraft. I recently purchased DRAGON ROSE Ink with genuine Dragon's Blood and Damask Rose. I have not officially started my craft however I am preparing for it and gathering the materials. No doubt I will be ordering more from her shop as it is most lovingly prepared and shipped, very promptly I might add!

  4. What an awesome etsy store. I loved everything I looked at but I must say, her witch's altar ladders I really liked. Please put me in for the giveaway.

  5. I absolutely Adore the PYEWACKETT Pentacled Black Cat..hmmm looks like I am buying myself an early b-day present!

  6. I gotta say that I am in love with the Samhain ritual oil. It still makes me wish that my computer screen was scratch and sniff. :P And the handfasting cords are beautiful too.

  7. I don't want to be entered into the drawing, since I won last month, but I did want to comment ...

    Thank you! I never knew about Lori or her products at Witchcrafts. Beautiful!

  8. What an amazing store! I would love to try this faery finger ritual tea. It sounds like it has lovely healing properties and connects you with the fae. Lovely!

  9. These products really are amazing, and show a certain quality to them that sometimes other stores lack. Really well done


  10. Nice etsy store, nice banner; interesting and informative product descriptions. The product that intrigues me most is the *Hekate vial pendant, thought the very cute **black cat candle comes in a close second:


    ** PYEWACKETT Pentacled Black Cat Soy Candle with Dragon's Blood Resin Oil and other Deep Earthy Notes:

    PS: My blog launches with this week's new Moon.

  11. I LOVED everything in her site. Her candles are awesome and I am very intrigued by her ritual oils.


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