Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year Blessings and Free Monthly Ritual Print-out Sheets

The New Year is upon us yet again. Usually many of us take this time to reflect on the things that happened (or didn't happen) over the past year and prepare ourselves for a fresh start and new beginning in the new year. Many of us will also have resolutions of all kinds. I have created something that can help you with any spiritual resolutions that you may have.  

In order to truly connect with our deities and spiritual selves we need to achieve consistency in our ritual practices. So I created these pretty monthly ritual sheets to help you organize your spiritual rites each month. Let's begin by clicking this link to download and print out your monthly ritual sheet. Now grab a cup of coffee, some pretty pens and get comfy. First take a look at a calendar and find the dates for the full moon, new moon and dark moon of the coming up month. Fill those out in the sections on the sheet. Then jot down the seasonal sabbats (if any) of that month. Also if you know of any other religious festivals that were honored that month such as the Vestalia or Thesmophoria, jot those down as well. A quick google search can give you that info.

Now go down to the section where it lists the moon phases and what you would like to achieve for each one. Take some time with this one. Think about what it is that you want to let go of during the waning moon. Imagine what new thing you would like to begin at the new moon and what you would like to come to completion at the full moon. If you feel the need, meditate on each question until you get an answer that speaks to you. The last section is titled "Spiritual goal for the month". This can be anything from vowing to meditate more often, creating a daily prayer ritual or anything else you'd like to accomplish. Take some time with this one as well and try to be realistic with yourself. If you'd like to meditate daily but don't really think you'll be able to achieve that yet, then be honest about that. Try to pick something you know you can accomplish.

Feel free to print these out at the start of each month and use them as a way to plan and reflect over the coming month. We are more likely to stick to a plan or goal if we organize ourselves in a way which makes that possible. Feel free to comment and share with me your spiritual goals for the month! I'd love to hear from you!

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