Monday, November 25, 2013

Magic Monday, Palmistry Part II

This week we will go over part II of Palmistry. If you didn't catch part I check it out here: Palmistry, Part I. The next step to reading the palm is reading the mounts. These are the little pads under each finger on the palm and are determined by height.


Venus mount: Under the thumb where life line curves around. This mount relates to love, intuition, sensuality and success. A high Venus mount can indicate someone who might be over indulgent or promiscuous or seeks instant gratification. A normal size Venus mount means that person is influential and passionate or ambitious. If the Venus mount is flat it can indicate a critical nature.

Jupiter Mount: Under index finger and stands for personal beliefs, philosophies and leadership capabilities. A high Jupiter mount can indicate someone who is self centered and domineering. If the Jupiter mount is normal size it denotes intelligence and natural leadership. If it is low it means little to no self confidence.

Saturn Mount:
Under the middle finger and stands for patience and responsibility. A high Saturn mount shows stubbornness, shyness, possible depression and a cynical nature. If it is normal size it indicates a friendly disposition and a hard worker. If the Saturn Mount is flat it means disorganization and a superficial nature.

Sun Mount:
Under the ring finger and stands for creativity, imagination and happiness. A high Sun mount can indicate pride fullness, a life of extravagance and possibly a temper. A normal Sun mount indicates someone who is confident, adaptable and outgoing. A low or flat Saturn mount indicates someone who has little or no imagination and can't make decisions.

Mercury Mount: Under pinky finger and stands for wealth, travel and intellect. A high Mercury mount indicates someone who talks to much and is untruthful. A normal Mercury mount indicates thoughtfulness and varied interests. A low or flat Mercury mount indicates someone who is shy, can't communicate and doesn't make a lot of money.

Moon mount: Runs along the outside of the palm, starts under your pinky and runs along the side of the hand and stands for imagination, creativity and emotion. A high moon mount signifies someone who lives too much in their own imagination that they loose touch with reality. A normal moon mount indicate someone who is very creative, compassionate, loves the arts and has psychic abilities. A low moon mount indicates someone who is a loner and pessimist.


Thumb Shapes: A large thumb indicates someone who is very opinionated with high energy and a possible workaholic. If the thumb bends toward the palm it can indicate someone who has a cold nature. If the thumb bends away from the palm it indicates someone with a generous nature.

Finger shapes: Long fingers indicate someone who is anxious, well-mannered and delicate. Short fingers denotes someone who is impatient and highly sexual. Pointed fingers indicate someone who is well intentioned but their mind is extremely unorganized.

Finger Nails: Long fingernails indicate someone who is kind and trustworthy. If they’re long and thin it can indicate someone who is psychic. Long, large fingernails denote a shy person who keeps to themselves.  Almond-shaped fingernails denotes someone who is sweet, kind and extremely diplomatic. Rectangular fingernails denote someone who is practical and logical.

I hope you enjoy learning and discovering palmistry! There is still much information out there so keep learning.

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