Monday, November 18, 2013

Magic Monday, Palmistry Part I

Palmistry or palm reading is the act of telling ones future by interpreting the lines, mounds and other features of the hands. Palmistry dates back thousands of years and is thought to have originated in India. Although many cultures have practiced this form of divination including ancient Babylonia, Egypt, China, Tibet, Persia, among many others. Some sources also state that palm reading has it's roots in Roma or Gypsy culture.

When reading the palm there are many things to pay attention to. For example the size and shape of the hand, the lines on the palm, the different mounts or bumps of the palm as well as the fingers. Also the right hand is different from the left. It is said that the left hand represents "what the Gods have blessed you with" or your potential, and the right hand represents what you've done with your blessing or potential. Since there is so much information about palm reading I will be breaking this up into two blog entries, part I and part II for next week.

First we will go over the types of hands to get started.

Earth hands:
Wide with square palms and fingers and the skin is usually rough. The length of the palm is equal to that of the fingers. People with earth hands are said to be quite practical and experience oriented. They would rather get out in the world and experience things for themselves rather than just learning about it. They are also nature lovers and crave being in the great outdoors.

Air hands: Square palms with long fingers, protruding knuckles, low thumbs and dry skin. The length of the palm is equal to that of the fingers. People with air hands are said to be intellectual, curious and full of ideas. They are great communicators but tend to internalize their own feelings. Air hand people also have nervous energy and are prone to worry and stress.

Water hands: Short, oval palm with long fingers. Palms are wide and fingers are the same length to that of the palm. People with water hands are said to be emotional, artistic and motivated to find peace. Stress is hard for water hand people as they usually handle things based on feelings.

Fire hands: Square palm, flushed skin with short fingers. The length of the palm is greater than the length of the fingers. Fire hand people are full of energy and always on the go. They need variety and are known to be impatient. They are also extremely individualistic and said to make great leaders.

Now for the lines:

Heart line: Deals with all matters concerning love. If your heart line starts under your index finger you have a satisfying love life, if it starts under your middle finger you are selfish when it comes to love and if it starts in the middle of those two fingers this means you fall in love easily. If the heart line is short it means you have little interest in love. A heart line that is broken or has lines going through it means you may have experienced or will experience some kind of emotional trauma. A wavy heart line means you will have many lovers!

Head line: Stands for wisdom and intelligence. A curvy head line means you're creative and a straight line means you're practical. A short head line means that you prefer physical activities to intellectual ones. If your head line is separated from your life line it means that you are an adventurer. If the head line is wavy it can mean that you have a short attention span while if it's long and deep it means you're a focused thinker.

Life line: Line of destiny. The life line shows your true character as well as important life events. If the life line is in the shape of a semicircle it means that you're very enthusiastic and if it's straight it means you're cautious in relationships. A life line that is close to the thumb means you have low energy while a wide curvy line means you have plenty of energy. A break in the life line means a major change in life.

Fate Line: (Not everyone has this) Also known as the line of destiny. If the fate line has many breaks in it it means that your life will change many times. If the line is deep it shows that your life is controlled by destiny. If the fate line is joined with the life line it shows that you're a self made person, possibly owning your own business.

I hope you enjoyed learning the first part of Palmistry 101. Check back next Monday to learn the rest!

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