Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giveaway! Goddess spell kit from EmKat Creations!

This week Love of the Goddess is having our first ever giveaway! Thanks to Kat over at EmKat Creations, she will be giving away a custom Goddess spell kit with all the fixins. I had the chance to speak with Kat a little about her business, and wanted to share her story here:

1. How long have you been reading tarot and doing other magical things?
I've been reading tarot on purpose for about 10 years now. I started in college while organizing an on-campus Pagan Club and have been enjoying the heck out of it every since. I've ended up having a Tarot Deck problem very similar to my shoe problem, I have around 20 decks currently and I've given away over 15. The other magical things is very hard to pinpoint. I'm sure many have the same experiences growing up; I used to make 'magic potions' in the mud with what ever plants were lying around. I've always had a relationship with deity, even back when I was learning the basics of being a Roman Catholic. I've always felt called to service of the goddess and thankfully I was raised by two very faith-filled parents who always believed in me and taught me that a relationship with the divine is far more important that which religion it's through.

2. How did you go about starting your business?
Really I've only just begun. I'm at the stage where as long as I don't loose money I'm satisfied. I've had ideas in my head for a variety of spell kits and components that I believe people would find useful and have only recently had the stability to sit down, make, and sell them. So far I'm working through a couple auction sites as well as etsy and learning my way around the witchy blog-sphere.

3. What is your favorite product that you offer?
Honestly any custom work. I love getting a feel for what the client needs in their spell work as well as what type of magic they're comfortable with, but the best part is the research. I love wandering through my books and my notes searching for the best fit for their needs. Looking up and cross referencing all the correspondences (color, day, moon phase, time, herbs, stones) and then working them all together is the best part of what I'm selling. Many of the products in my shop started out as custom requests that I felt worked well as an item for others.

4. Could you explain the item you are giving away?
The winner of this giveaway will receive a custom Goddess spell kit made for the Goddess of their choice. The kit includes:
  • Approximately 2tbs of an herbal custom spell mix
  • A four inch 'chime' candle in an appropriate color
  • A mini-spell bottle in an appropriate color
  • Semi-Precious gem stone or gem stone chips
  • A mini spell to invoke the attributes of the Goddess

For this giveaway we ask that only US and Canadian residents enter, thank you! To enter the giveaway, you must first go to Kats etsy shop and check out her magical products, then come back here and mention a product or two that you like, and also name the goddess of your choice for the spell kit. The giveaway will go on for one week, and when its over I will choose the winner randomly with Thank you to everyone for participating in this giveaway! And of course a big thank you to Kat for donating this wonderful little spell kit!

To see more of what Kat's doing, check out her blog : emraldekat.blogspot

Or follow her on twitter

Blessings )O(


  1. The herb sample set it a genius idea! My goddess of choice is Isis.

  2. The faery blowing powders are a very cool idea. My goddess is Isis. Blessings.

  3. what an awesome idea, I like the the rekindle the romance kit and my goddess is bridget

  4. I chose the love tarot reading and herb sample set. My goddess is Aphrodite.

  5. Fairy powders, sample kit and the rekindle romance kit have peeked my interest! :) My goddess is Freya

  6. I love the herb sample sets! I also love the emotional healing spell kit. I would love to win this! My goddess is Athena.

  7. Lots of great items to choose from! I believe my favorite ones are Re-Kindle the Romance spell powder & Trio of Faerie Blowing Powders.
    Goddess Brigid.

  8. Lovely! I like the herb samples and the Faerie Blowing Powders.

  9. I like the emotional healing and un-crossing sets as I think they go hand in hand. Whether I win or not, I would gladly pay for both. - Castus Blaidd

  10. I just received my tarot reading I purchased from Kat - Wow! She knew nothing about a certain area of my life and she was spot on. I am so impressed and I encourage everyone to give her a try.

  11. Very nice giveaway, Kat is such a sweetie!

    I like her faerie blowing powders and the emotional healing kit are my two favorites.

    If i were to win, my Goddess of choice would be Bastet.

    (paganmomblog from twitter, "the girls" are for my girls' blogs lol)

  12. Very cool idea.

    My Goddess of choice is Isis.

    ~ Lilafae ~

  13. Hi! Very nice! I like the Re-Kindle the Romance spell powder!
    If I were to win, I'd like Kwan-Yin.
    I could really use some peace right now!

  14. I love the emotional healing spell kit. My goddess is Sif.


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