Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giveaway! Handmade Yule Candle from Montserrat!

In honor of Yule this upcoming month, I decided to host a giveaway for a Yule related item. Thanks to Montserrat, at the Sacred Feminine, we have a beautiful handmade Yule candle to giveaway! As some of you may know, Montserrat has donated some of her great products to us before. We appreciate her generosity by donating one of her products again!

I had the chance to speak with her about her lovely candles, here's what she had to say:

1. How did you get started making candles and for how long?
I started making candles in 1996, just for me, when I could not find the right kind of candles in the stores. Then, I began to give them to friends and they all said that I should make them available to everybody. I took my first batch to a local store and they sold right away, and the rest is history :-)

2. Which candle that you make is your favorite?

I don't have a particular candle that is my favorite, but I really like my latest one called
"Expect Miracles".

3. Can you explain the item you are giving away?

I am giving away a Yule candle. It is very pretty because it comes with a little holly charm tied to the candle with raffia. It's scented with pine, mulberry, juniper and cinnamon. Smells divine!

Ok so here are the rules: To enter the giveaway, go to Montserrat's Sacred Feminine site, find a few items that you like, and come back here to comment on them. For extra credit, you can start following Montserrat on twitter and post here that you are following her. The giveaway will go on for one week, then the winner will be announced. Please make sure to add contact info like your email in your entry! I will select the winner randomly with Good luck to everyone who enters and thank you again to Montserrat for donating her beautiful candle! Thanks for playing!

Blessings )O(


  1. I absolutely love Montserrat's artwork, especially the fae and Goddess cards! The Buddah medallions for necklaces are really cool too! Thank you for introducing me to her lovely work!

  2. My Favorite item of all is the pocket shrine, specifically the "The Moon is my sister". I like them all but that one is my favorite. Also I love the Oracle of Creative Abundance! : ) Blessed Be!

  3. Im following her on twitter Ilove all her stuff I love the wands the most and the pocket shrine I have one in my car and believe it saved my life when I had my accendent I have added a few quartz crystals that I found digging I would love to win thanks chantal

  4. Montserrat is the best! Her intentional candles really work. I love the Goddess candles - Black Madonna, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary. The art work on her cards is spectacular too, especially with the rhinestones added for extra sparkle. I hope I win - there's so much more I want to try from her line...:)
    Angela Pizzarello

  5. The work of Montserrat touched my heart, especially her mermaid/sea candles and Bear totem candle, & Lady of the Snows. I was happy to add her to my Twitter as a bookmark of sorts. Blessed be!

  6. I love Montserrat, especially her Goddess and holiday candles. Such a small simple way to remind me how glad I am to be alive and connected.
    blessed be!

  7. Both Stargazer and The Moon Tree have Always spoken to me as a Faery Loving Goddess Worshiping Witch. It was Tree of Wishes though that put the love in my heart that burns steadily for Monteserrat; whom is one Artist I have admired for years now as a "Creatrix of Resonating Art".

    I added or requested her as a FB Friend as soon as I found her on Facebook.

    Blessings Be & Happy Yuletide!

  8. I have bought stuff from Montserrat before, and I have so many things I love. The Samhain candles I bought wwre just wonderful, and the artwork on things like her journals is simply beautiful.

  9. I have been following Montserrat on Twitter for a long time. Does that count?


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