Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celtic Tree Month of Oak begins today

Today starts the month of the Oak tree on the Celtic calendar. It goes from June 10 - July 7. This is a great time for magic concerning protection, strength and success.

The Oak was one of the three sacred trees to the Druids. Although it was actually their primary sacred tree, the others were Ash and Thorn. The sacred Oak is one of the longest living trees, and can also grow up to 150 ft tall. It symbolized the turning of the year and was considered to be the king of the forest. Many cultures worshiped the Oak, but the Celts held it with a very high degree of reverence.

During this time of year, it is said that the Druids would carve a circle into the tree for protection against lightning. They used the sacred tree for medicinal purposes and divinatory purposes as well. Ancient Celtic priestess's were said to listen to the rustling of the Oak leaves to receive divine messages.

When my fiance and I visited Ireland, we got to explore the ancient Oak forest at Charleville Castle. This forest surrounds the castle on all sides. Walking among these huge sacred trees was a great experience. You could really feel the ancient energy these trees carried. The forest was quite except for a few birds chirping and some leaves rustling in the wind. Very haunting and mysterious place this was. While there, I pondered the thought, that maybe one day long ago, the ancient Druids walked these forests as well.

Celebrate the sacred Oak tree at Midsummer, if possible try to visit an Oak tree and connect with it's ancient energy.

Blessings )O(

Photo courtesy of : My personal photo album of Ireland

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