Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goddess Resources

There are lots of great Goddess resources out there. There are so many, that I decided to do a blog on some of them. The following is a small list of my favorite Goddess resources on the net and off. Enjoy!

Temple of Cybele:
This is a virtual temple dedicated to the ancient Goddess Cybele. This website is rich in information about ancient Goddess worship. You can join the temple, with their approval, and actually become an ordained priest or priestess. The Temple of Cybele is run by Priestess Jean, a lovely woman. She is extremely knowledgeable and very dedicated to the Goddess. She is currently offering a free dvd about the history of the Goddess in the ancient world. All you have to do is email her with your information and she will send it to you free of charge. Its a great documentary on the Goddess, and I highly recommend it. Check out the temple and join their mailing list if you wish for updates.

Lady of the Labyrinth:
This is a collection of small Goddess documentaries on you tube. There are 3 episodes which give you a brief history of ancient Goddess worship. These mini documentaries are very well done. With lots of pictures and beautiful music playing that will surely take you back to the days of ancient Goddess worship. Maria is the creator of these wonderful little showings, and she is planing on having a full documentary out hopefully sometime in the summer. Check these out I know you will love them!

Karen Tate
Karen Tate is a strong voice for the Goddess today. She has an information filled website, along with some free downloadable meditations. You can find these in the Goddess gift shop. I have tried all of these meditations and they are wonderful. I just download them to my ipod, or if you like you can make a small cd. She also has a channel on you tube, Karen Tate.

Sage Woman Magazine:
This is by far my favorite magazine ever! In any category! A magazine dedicated solely to the Goddess, what more could we ask for? This magazine is filled with articles written by all different kinds of Goddess followers. It is a quarterly subscription, so you get one 4 times a year. I am always so excited when I get my new issue of Sage Woman. This magazine is so filled with great information from celebrating the sabbats, to herbalism, to short stories, to book reviews and much more. I strongly suggest that you try this out. If you dont want to get a subscription, they sell each issue individually as well, even all they're back issues!

Goddess Download is a place where you can purchase and download meditations or rituals for a very small fee. They have everything from sabbat rituals to moon rituals. You can download these to your ipod, or make a small cd. Try out the new moon ritual for the coming up new moon on the 14th.

Goddess Alive Online Magazine:
This is an online magazine dedicated to all things Goddess. You can get a subscription, or you can get individual issues as well. They will take articles if you are interested in submitting one just contact them with an outline of your article. Check it out there is some really great information about Goddess spirituality from all corners of the world.

Enjoy exploring your new resources. I hope these will help you on your path to the Goddess!

Blessings )O(

Image courtesy of Emily Balivet

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  1. Thank you. Great resources, and I love that picture.


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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