Monday, December 9, 2013

Magic Monday, Yule Smudge Sticks

In honor of the Winter Solstice I made some smudge sticks with clippings from Fraser Fir trees and sage. Smudge sticks are used to cleanse an area or negative energies before a ritual, personal cleansing or to simply cleanse a new home of any residual energies left by previous owners or spirits. They can also be used to cleanse an area after a fight or after a person with negative energy has left. Smudge sticks are easy to make and many different herbs and tree clippings can be used in them.

For winter solstice smudge sticks you can use traditional winter herbs and trees such as fir, holly, pine, mistletoe and sage for added purifying benefits. I will go over the magical properties of each of these plants below.


  • Thread about three or four feet long
  •  Scissors 
  • Any two or three of the herbs/plants below

Fir: Part of the evergreen family. Good for prosperity, divination, adds a boost of power to spells and purification. Common tree honored at the Winter Solstice. Represents immortality.

Holly: Sacred Yule herb, also sacred to the Druids and at Yule they were said to decorate heir homes with holly as a way to invite nature spirits such as faeries in. Good for restful sleep, easing the passage of death and spells dealing with death and rebirth.

Pine: Good for purifying a space, wards off negativity, prosperity and fertility. Elevates the spirit and brings on feelings of tranquility and peace. Pine branches were used as the traditional Yule log. Thought to ward off disease.

Mistletoe: Sacred Druid herb, good for protection, fertility, sexual energy and luck. Kissing under the mistletoe originated in Ancient Rome during the festival Saturnalia. It is said that to kiss under the mistletoe insures marriage in the future for the couple.

Sage: Good for purification, healing, wisdom and protection. Can be used to purify a space before ritual or to cleanse an area of any negative energies. Sage is also a healing herb and was used in the Middle Ages to treat fevers, liver disease and memory.

You can read how to make the smudge sticks here: Love of the Goddess

I hope you enjoy creating your Yule smudge sticks! Just a warning, when burning fir be careful as it tends to flame up rather quickly and the flames can jump due to the high oil content in these trees. Use with caution!

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