Monday, July 29, 2013

Magic Monday, Make a Witch's Ball

A Witch's ball is a brightly colored glass ball hung in the home or the garden to ward off evil spirits. They were made popular in the 18th century in England but are believed to be much older. They can also be used for luck and good fortune for the family in which they are protecting. The witch's ball is brightly colored which will attract evil spirits and then filled with strands of thread, hair or glass which is supposed to trap and entangle the evil spirits. Making your own witch's ball is fun, easy and inexpensive!

What you will need:

  • Clear glass ornament of which the top can be removed
  • Silver craft paint or any bright color of your choosing (silver reflects ill wishes back to sender)
  • Silver or red thread, tinsel or hair
  • Teaspoon of crushed herbs such as lavender, St. john's wort and/or cinnamon
  • Essential oils of frankincense or patchouli

To begin take the top off of the Christmas ornament and pour in the paint (not too much) and tilt the ball around until the paint covers the inside. After the inside is painted and you can't see through it, let it sit upside down on newspaper so the excess paint drips out, then let it dry over night. Once it's dry, take your thread and cut it into a few three inch pieces and stuff it inside your ornament. Now take your herbs and mix them together with a drop or two of essential oil and put them into the ornament. Place the top back on the ball and string some thread through the hole at the top to hang it. 

Feel free to bless/cleanse your witch's ball with sage or sweet grass and recite a protection chant over it. You may also wish to decorate it further with glitter, jewels or painting designs on the ball. Hang your witch's ball in a window, by your front door, in your garden or anywhere that you prefer. Have fun creating your very own witch's ball!

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  1. I have to keep pinning this to Pinterest! I adore your site. Would it be possible to add a Pinterest button perhaps? :)

  2. Beautiful. I am adding a craft portion to a Solstice gathering, and I think this would be perfect.


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