Saturday, August 11, 2012

Waning Moon, Dark Goddess Incense

Now is the time of the waning moon, a time of letting go and banishing negativity from your life and yourself. A time to shed your old skin, and prepare for the new. A time to forgive lost expectations and to let go the negative people and things in your life. One of my favorite quotes, from William Shakespeare, reads "Expectation, is the root of all heartache." When we expect things, and certain actions from people, we become hurt when those expectations are not met. This a time for forgiveness to the people who have caused you pain, and to forgive yourself. A time to move on and a chance to start fresh again. The phases of the moon are similar to that of the sun. The sun rises each day with the promise of rebirth. As the waning and dark moon prepare you for renewal, at the new, waxing and full moon.

 As much as I love all of the moons phases, the waning and dark moon deeply resonate with me. Usually dark Goddesses are prayed to on these moon phases. Goddesses such as Hekate and The Morrigan. Each of these Goddesses can be called upon for matters of letting go, banishing and learning to fight our inner battles. I always like to make a special incense for the particular Goddess I'm working with when doing any kind of spellwork or specific rituals. It helps you to connect with the energies you want to incorporate into your ritual, as well as to connect more with the energy of your particular Goddess.

Here are two of my favorite waning moon incense recipes for the Goddesses I have listed above:

Myrrh resin, Black Nightshade, Rue, Bay leaf, one drop Cypress essential oil.

The Morrigan: 
Dragons blood, Angelica root, Basil leaf, Juniper berries, one drop Patchouli essential oil

Ground up the resins and the herbs as much as you can, mix in a bowl, then add the drop of essential oil, mix again thoroughly, now your incense is ready to burn. Use a charcoal block to burn your incense, and if you have some left put it in a bottle or bag and label it for next time. If you don't have all of the herbs listed, you can always use substitutes.

Wishing you all a blessed waning and dark moon!

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  1. I have never considered the moon in this way. How lovely! Thank you.


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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