Friday, October 21, 2011

Samhain Crafts and Magic!

There are many different types of crafts you can do in preparation for Samhain. Since this is the last of the three harvest festivals, you can make fall related items, such as a fall wreath or pumpkin candles. You can use those very small pumpkins or maybe even a medium sized one. Cut off the top and clean out the inside as much as you can. Place a tea light in it, and viola! Pumpkin candles! (See an example picture below) They look so cute in a small formation next to your front door. Also, when carving your Jack O Lanterns to put out on Samhain night, keep the seeds to roast and make a nutritious and delicious snack. Here is a link on how to roast pumpkin seeds from Toasted pumpkin seeds.

Samhain is also a time to remember and honor our ancestors. On your Samhain altar, or a separate altar if you like, create an ancestor shrine with pictures, and objects from your passed loved ones.
It can be pets that have passed or family members, and even dear friends. Place these things on a nice cloth and have a lit candle. You can also add symbols of your own belief like a pentagram or a Goddess. Meditate a little while on these people or pets that have passed, to honor their memory.

This festival of celebrating the dead is also a great time for certain types of magical workings. Divination of any kind, communing with the dead and Faery magic to name a few. You can make your own divination device if you like, like a scrying mirror. Just take a clear glass plate, spray paint it with black matte paint, and once it dries, you can either decorate it around the edges or just leave it plain. Now you can use your homemade scrying mirror for divination on Samhain. You can also use any other divination tools you feel comfortable with such as runes, the pendulum, tarot cards, etc.

Since at Samhain the veils between worlds is this, communication with passed loved ones and Faeries is possible. Try contacting any of your passed loved ones through meditation, and write down any messages that come through. To attract the Faeries to your Samhain celebration, have out offerings of honey, butter or milk. Leave them in little sea shells or any other natural item, they are more attracted to a natural offering dish that a man made one, and make sure to leave them in your garden.

I hope you enjoying making your Samhain crafts in preparation for the biggest Pagan festival of the year!

Photos courtesy of Celtic Lady and Rebecca Calagna

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  1. Wonderfully informative post. I just love this time of year when everything is possible! Happy Samhain to you.


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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