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Isis, Mother Goddess of the Universe

Today in ancient Egypt, the birthday of the Goddess Isis was celebrated. Also known as "Night of the cradle", this particular festival to Isis was seen as sort of a midsummer festival. The day after the birthday of Isis, a feast was held in honor of Osiris, because he was connected with the annual rising of the Nile river, which gave life to Egypt once again.

Isis was known as a mother Goddess, in Egyptian scriptures it is said "In the beginning there was Isis". She was seen as the oldest of the old, the Goddess from which our world arose. She was wife and sister to the God Osiris, mother to Horus, and sister to Nephthys. She was depicted with wide outstretched wings, and a sun disc crown on her head. In a hieroglyphic hymn to Isis, she was described as, "She who made light with her feathers and wind with her wings".

She had many festivals dedicated to her throughout the year, although perhaps the biggest festival was known as "The mysteries of Isis and Osiris". This was celebrated during the months of fall, and represented the death and rebirth of her brother husband Osiris. Another big festival which was held in March, was known as "Isidis Navigatum". This was a blessing of the fleets, and in the ritual, they would send a crew less boat out to sea filled with spices and herbs as an offering to the Goddess.

Isis was a widely worshiped Goddess, not only prayed to in Egypt, but all over ancient Europe. She was loved by many, it is said mainly because she was seen as one with the people. The people of the ancient world easily connected to the Goddess because she could relate to them. Her temples have been found in Rome, Greece and Pompeii among other places.

To honor Isis on the day of her birth, here is a quick altar set up: amethyst crystal, silver or white candle, myrrh or musk incense, and a wand. Recite this poem:

Because of Isis, there is a heaven,
Because of Isis, there is an earth,

Because of Isis, winds blow on the desert,

Because of Isis, the sweet sun shines,
Because of Isis, the river floods in spring,

Because of Isis, plants bear fruits,

Because of Isis, we live and grow strong,

Because of Isis, we have breath to give thanks.

Blessings )O(

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  1. How very beautiful. May the love and joy of our Holy Mother Aset always be with you. Thank you :)

    In Her Hol;y Name,
    93 93/93


  2. Blessed be to the mother she will show the way to be happy and with her light may we all be blessed . as the world is today more people should rembember that if not for the gods and the pagen way there would be no holadays for them to celabrtate .. so all my blessings go to the grate mother and my you show us all the way to the next plane ..

    praise IsIs .. Blessed Be

    Jazell .. 2013

  3. Hail Mother Goddess or as they say in the Himalayas - Jai mata ki. For more on the Himalayan incarnations of the Mother Goddess

    This helped on my hw! YAYY! Isis!


Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! Many blessings to you )O(

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