Friday, January 15, 2010

New Moon, Ritual for New Beginnings

Tonight is a new moon or dark moon, the time for new beginnings. After tonight the moon will be in its waxing phase until it becomes full again. This is the perfect time for starting new ventures, new studies, new interests, new projects, new beginnings or just to recharge your current goals.

Before your ritual you need to determine the element for the new moon. This way you can have the correct candle color correspondences. This new moon element we are currently in is earth and the color is yellow. Now you should think about what new beginning it is that you desire, or goal you want to recharge. Write down your wishes. Make sure your altar is all set up with the elements represented, earth, air, fire and water.

Now that everything is all set up and you know what your intentions are, you can take a ritual bath with sea salts to cleanse and purify yourself. Prepare to present yourself to the Goddess. After your bath, sitting in front of your altar, you should smudge everything with sage, this will further cleanse you and your altar tools. Now you are ready to start your ritual!

Your ritual should be something that's personal and meaningful to you. After your done, ground yourself and close your circle. Some people choose to snuff out their candles and reuse them. I personally feel better letting the candle burn out completely, as I do not want any energies from this ritual to be used in another ritual. Never blow out your candles, simply snuff them out instead.

Good luck to you in your new beginnings! May the Goddesses light shine on you )O(


  1. Nice pose, Tonight I only wrote wat I want for the year and I started a new thing :)

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